About the kaleidoscope

The adventure of the Festival du Film Merveilleux started in 2007 and its first edition was held in 2010. Since the beginning, the Festival team has organize special events with schools and educational institutions. Half-days are dedicated to the program “Le Kaléidoscope”, aimed at schoolchildren and teenagers, with the objective of raising awareness about sustainable development , the environment and culture for all.

Even if we enjoy meeting to discuss ideas and films, we are strongly action oriented, we like to push our audience to take part in actions by first testing their skills during the workshops offered during the festival and throughout the year.

Since 2007, the association organize workshops to raise awareness about the environment, based on fairy tales and the marvelous. Children can enjoy workshops on reading and writing fairy tales, or discover the magic of new technology and cognitive science. The festival places particular importance on actively educating children about image education and cartoon making.

Our young audience is brought to meet and debate with directors and producers committed to the fight against global warming. The program also aims to encourage multicultural youth to take part in the resolution of sustainable development goals through eco-responsibility workshops and leadership skills development.

The Kaleidoscope aims to facilitate the access to culture, sciences, cinema, and awareness and sensibility to the environment. The events are intended for a diverse public (ill children, handicapped and other, and children from multiple social backgrounds.) We strive to promote social mixing among our participants who come from diverse backgrounds.

Here is an overview of our Educational Actions from 2010 till 2022

From 2007 until now

What : Eco-Fairytales reading workshops, Make your own story workshops, Music Workshop, Kids and Teen screening. Meet the pro ( documentaries filmmakers, Animated movies producers… etc ).

When : All year round and during the Festival du Film Merveilleux.

Where : Centre d’animation Daviel, Centre d’animation Ravel, Hôpital saint Maurice, IME Anne Marie Raillon, and also during partners Festival ART 2 jours, Fêtes de jardins…etc

Who : The volunteer teams of the festival and freelancers (in the framework of a return to employment) participate in the implementation and animation of the workshops.

2010 Edition – Storytelling and Screening for kids and teens with Disabilities

A projection and story readings were offered to children and teenagers with disabilities from the Anne-Marie Raillon center as well as a story reading animated by the actress Anne Arovas.

Actress Anne Arovas with Maureen Gerby and Benedicte Beaugeois

2011 Edition – Screening of TeamTO Animation Serie TV

The Festival offers a carte blanche to the animated film company TeamTO for the great pleasure of the school children present for a broadcast of six episodes of animated TV series.

Based in Paris and at the Cartoucherie de Bourg-les-Valence (Rhône-Alpes), TeamTO is an animation studio, producer of innovative TV series and feature films, developing for each project a particular treatment giving it an original and distinct identity. Its team has developed and produced projects with Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Nelvana, Disney, TF1, France Télévisions and Canal+ and has won several awards for its productions, including the prestigious International Emmys® Awards and the Pulcinella Prize at the Cartoon on the Bay Festival — as well as the European Producer of the Year Award at the Cartoon Tributes, and the French Television Producer Award (Animation category) in 2010.

2012 Edition – Screening Of TeamTo cartoon Plankton Invasion labeled ‘United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development’ awarded by UNESCO.

A projection of cartoons from the company Teamto is scheduled for the Bercy elementary school. The children were able to discover, among others, the cartoon Plankton Invasion which received the label ‘United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development’ awarded by UNESCO.

An afternoon of storytelling and projection at the CAT Anne Marie Rallion in the 19th district of Paris. The CAT Anne Marie Rallion welcomes students from 6 to 20 years old (girls and boys) with mental disabilities.

And a program of animated films “Poems of the World” (a selection of volumes 1 and 2) in partnership with the production company chromatiques The Festival offers a second carte blanche to the animated film company TeamTO!

Edition 2013 – Screening of Lucie La Luciole and Discovery of Nature Workshops

A theme: around the oceans was proposed during this edition with the broadcast of three episodes of the series: Lucie, la luciole of our partner C Chromatique production. Also, nature workshops were organize and supported by WWF.

2014 Edition – Screening and Workshops with Surfrider Foundation

Water was again in the spotlight during this edition with the intervention of the Surfrider Foundation after the projection of their film “From the Mountains to the Ocean” which is an educational film on the water cycle.

With this film, Surfrider invites us to follow the journey of a drop of water to better understand our share of responsibility in water and ocean pollution. Professional athletes share their love of the ocean and pass on 10 ways to positively impact the environment.

Edition 2015 – Screening of Happy Feet, Educational animated serie Kiwi followed by Tech & Neurosciences Workshops

The feature film Happy Feet by Georges Miller was screened as well as episodes of the educational animated series Kiwi by Isabelle Duval produced by Double Mètre Production. Educational workshops on cognitive science and technology supported by coglab and Kid IT association were offered at the end of the screenings.

2016 Edition – Screening of Documentary Sur la Terre des Gorilles and animated educational serie les Energivors followed by drawing exhibition discovery

Classes of CM1 and CM2 enjoyed the screening of Lydia Tassier’s documentary film, “Sur la Terre des Gorilles”. This documentary, produced by Owendo prod, takes the viewer on a journey to the heart of the Gabonese forest.

The smallest classes of these schools will be able to attend on Friday, July 1st the projection of the series: Les énergivores, web series of education to the control of the energy produced by Canopée academy of Besançon, in collaboration with the association AJENA of Lons-le-Saunier.

The children of the partner schools prepared a series of drawings on sustainable development and the planet Earth for the occasion. The drawings were exhibited to the general public during the 3 days of the Festival. The classes were able to observe their work and that of their friends following the projections.

On the Lands of the Gorillas by Lydia Tassier

Summary: A journey into the depths of the Gabonese forest, in the footsteps of the gorillas. Go to meet Juan Salvador, primatologist and great ape enthusiast, and discover his innovative study of the lowland gorilla in its natural element. Live his daily life in this rudimentary camp, where stinging ants, snakes, monkeys, and sometimes even elephants venture! Follow. its trackers in search of the slightest clues to the gorillas’ way of life: crushed leaves, tapped fruit, footprints and excrement. Sweat with the whole team during the long walks in the rainforest!

George Nivoix’s “Les énergivores

Summary: Vacuum cleaner, smartphone, 4×4: energivOers are our daily slaves, interchangeable and seemingly dumb. But as soon as our backs are turned…

Edition 2017 – Screening and Debate with La Granges aux Monstres team

School children attended a 45-minute screening of animated shorts during the first morning of the Festival on the theme of raising awareness of the richness and beauty of the planet.

After the screening, a meeting with the company La Grange aux Monstres, an animation film production company, Sarah Mallet and Franck Galand shared with our young spectators the secrets of making a cartoon.

2018 Edition – Screening and Workshops Young reporter for the environments

Parisian schools Davout and Bignon are invited on Thursday, June 28 for a screening of approximately 50 minutes. The theme of the short films is nature and the actions that can be taken for sustainable development and nature. The screenings will be followed by a meeting with participants in the program “Young reporters for the environment” of the association TERAGIR.

The Man Who Planted Trees by Frédéric Back

Summary: The Man Who Planted Trees is a short story written in 1953 by the French writer Jean Giono to “make people like to plant trees”, in his words. In this short story, the narrator tells the story of the shepherd Elzéard Bouffier, who revives his region, in Haute Provence, between 1913 and 1947, by planting trees. Although it is a fiction, the story manages to make the reader believe in the real existence of the shepherd and his forest. The film is an admirable adaptation.

A word from the production team: It is with great pride that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation offers you the film of one of its greatest artisans, Mr. Frédéric Back.

We hope that you will enjoy this screening of the film “The Man Who Planted Trees” and that it will make you aware of the artist’s message: Acting together.

To discover the full scope of Frédéric Back’s work, which spans more than 60 years, we invite you to visit the following websites: www.fredericback.com and www.radio-canada.ca/jeunesse/

We wish you a lot of pleasure to discover this film.

Saga of the Quebec NGO “vivre en ville

Summary: A 16-minute animated film produced by the Quebec NGO “Vivre en ville”, it addresses the problems of cities (GHGs, pollution, urban sprawl, heat islands, etc.) and the sustainable solutions that can be implemented (densification, eco-districts, etc.).

2019 Edition – Environnemental and creative leadership Workshops with Botaki, Les editions animés and la fresque du climat

 The children were invited to participate in different workshops, a way to raise awareness while having fun.

Botaki, the game that connects children to nature

Workshop : I garden with Botaki

Botaki will plant its magic seeds and its good mood!

On the program:

– Introduction to gardening to build a sensitive link with the earth.

– Test of the Botaki game, to raise awareness of the issues of “better eating” and respect for the planet.

At the end of the workshop, each child leaves with his or her seedling.

Animated editions

Éditions Animées has created the Cahier de Dessin Animé, a coloring book that turns into a cartoon with the free BlinkBook application.

How does it work? 1- I color, 2- I take a picture, 3-Magic, it comes to life!

The plus: the child takes a selfie and records his voice to become an actor in his own cartoon.

The workshop will end with the projection on big screen of the book colored by the students.

The Climate Fresco

La Fresque du Climat is an association under the law of 1901 created in December 2018.

It aims to bring together facilitators of the game of the same name, a fun, participatory and creative workshop aimed at better understanding climate change. The game is based on collective intelligence and lasts 3 hours.

Given the growing success of the game in recent years (500 trained facilitators and 5,000 people who have participated in a fresco), the association was recently created with the ambitious goal of raising awareness of 1,000,000 people in the next 5 years with this tool! And things are going well, since the decentralized organization and the increased competence of the participants and facilitators are developing solid ramifications and deep roots at a time when the climate movement is growing, in France as well as internationally, and taking root.

Climate Fresco Workshops

The proposed steps are as follows: participate in a Climate Fresco workshop > train in animation > animate frescoes.

“The Climate Fresco is a fun, participatory and creative workshop on climate change. It is based on collective intelligence and is extremely educational.

The Climate Fresco is a 3-hour introduction to how the climate works and the consequences of its disruption, aimed at both novices and experts.

Edition 2021 – Online screening of films that raise awareness about the environment, inclusion, diversity and wonder.

Due to the closure of the cinemas and cultural spaces in France between 2020 and 2021, this edition took place online. You can find some of the animated films screened in the previous editions here. Films that raise awareness about the environment, inclusion, diversity and wonder.


Edition 2022 – Screening at L’alliance Française de Perth, Australia

Kaleidoscope 2022, The Festival Du Film Merveilleux reinforces its partnership with the Alliances Françaises and resumes its world tour starting with the Alliance Française of Perth in Australia. The Festival will land in Perth October 5th, 2022 to offer to the children two reruns of four films of the festival. The Alliance will screen the following movies at 10am and 2pm :

Aifort Sorcery Academy directed by ZHANG, YI-ZHEN

L’enfant et l’oie directed by Jade CHASTAN, Alice FAILLA, Jérôme GINESTA, Justine HERMETZ, Sophie LAFLEUR, Vincent LENNE

Spoon directed by Arthur Chays

Parapluies directed by José Prats, Álvaro Roblès

About The Alliance française

Created in 1883 in Paris, the Alliance française, a partner of the MEAE ( Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères), is today the world’s leading cultural network, with more than 800 establishments in 137 countries on five continents. Each year, more than 500,000 people of all ages come to learn the French language in the Alliances françaises, and more than 6 million people participate in their cultural activities. The network is coordinated by the Fondation Alliance française.

The Alliances françaises have in common the pursuit of three essential missions:

  • to offer French courses, in France and in the world, to all publics;
  • to make French and Francophone cultures better known;
  • to promote cultural diversity.

For more information, the Fondation Alliance française website.