Benedicte Beaugeois – Director

Bénédicte Beaugeois is the Founder and Director of Festival du Film Merveilleux, an International Film Festival holding a Film competition and educational program that aims to raise awareness on sustainable development, STEAM ( Sciences, Technology, engineering, Art, and Maths). She is also the Founder of Kidmoon, a social impact brand that combines eco-friendly fashion for kids with inspirational stories.

In addition to her entrepreneurial venture Benedicte was a tracking manager for the largest independent music publisher in the world, Peermusic. She also worked for several film productions and co-founded Cannes Digital and Women Leadership Paris.

She also has represented for several years Dyslexia International at UNESCO advocating for the effects of dyslexia on human creativity and has supported entrepreneurs to build their digital storytelling strategies at the NGO Positive Planet.

Benedicte attended CHAM / CHAD music and dance and holds degrees from ESSEC Executive Business school and Ecole Supérieure d’enseignement cinématographique – Groupe EDH.

Maureen Gerby – Deputy Director

Maureen is the founder and co-director of the Festival du Film Merveilleux. In addition to her involvement with the festival, she has help entrepreneurs in their business creation and development mission. She was also in charge of the environmental mission for the communauté d’agglomération du Val d’Yerres. Maureen is the author of the Erazan trilogy. The last volume was released in August 2022. She is currently working on a new trilogy and short stories.

JESSICA BIANCONI : Graphic Designer

BENOIT BOYER : Trailer editor

STEPHANE DERNY : Photographe

GIANLUCA DALO : Writer & Copywriter