The Festival du Film Merveilleux is an international film festival held in Paris, focusing on themes of magic and fantasy. It was first launched in 2010 and has been under the patronage of UNESCO (French commission – United Nation Education scientific Cultural Organization). With the support of our partners, we offer digital and technological experiences since 2010 to our audiences such as Virtual reality, transmedia experiences and many more.

After an internship at the Cannes Film Festival, Benedicte fell in love with Film Festival and decided with her childhood friend Maureen to create a film festival around the themes of wonder and imagination. Both passionate of animation, it’s obvious that animation hold a very important place in the selection. Animation is also an opportunity to facilitate the habit of attending movies theater regularly from a young age.

In December 2009, Benedicte and Maureen launched a screening night test at the cinema l’archipel. Following the success of this evening, the Festival Du Film Merveilleux was born a few months later in March 2010 in multiple venues where the cinema and digital communities could meet. We benefited from the Defi Jeune Envis d’Agir grant to launch the Festival. The projections took place this year 2010 at the cinema l’Archipel – at the E-dune – at the Peniche cinema and at the café de la mer à boire. Since the festival has moved to the theater twelve from 2011 to 2019 and as a new decade begins we have chosen for this new turn to screen the films in the heart of Paris at Christine Cinema Club.

During the first edition within the framework of the programs for children and in collaboration with the association Anne Marie Raillon IME COURS HERVE, we proposed readings of ecological tales and a projection of short films to the children, teenagers and young adults presenting a psychological disease. Twenty people between 6 and 20 years old were present during this session. The readings were told by the actress Anne Arovas. The activities were supervised by the specialized educators, Dorothée Bouget and Elodie Malleron.

A special presentation of “machinimas” also took place at the E-dune in partnership with “Movies.fr“, David Vannier and Richard Gennevois presented the “Movies Storm Software”.

The festival invites the audience to discover the beauty of our world through meaningful stories and facilitates multicultural and intergenerational connection.

Since 2010 carried by her Founders Benedicte Beaugeois and Maureen Gerby. The Festival Du Film Merveilleux shares its passion for the marvelous and the imaginary always with the aims to amazed their audience. It is an invitation to escape for a few moments… The festival creates opportunities for young professional around cinema, nature, the marvelous and digital.

The official selection Long Story Short proposes a selection of films around the themes of the marvelous, the science fiction and the fantastic. The animation cinema holds a very important part in the festival. We offer virtual reality movies off competition.

The French American Quarter was conceived out of the need to create a place of regular cultural exchange to deepen the relationship between France and the United States. It is a series of American and French films that we screen during the festival and with institutional partners. It is a space that cultivates dialogue and whose objective is to strengthen the friendship between our two countries.

Cannes Digital and Movies Around the world programs travel around the world to offer spectators from elsewhere to discover the festival’s activities (round tables, workshops, screenings, pitch sessions).

The kaleidoscope program proposes activities during and outside the festival around science, environment, and films education for children.

Poster Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire 2022

Festival du film Merveilleux poster 2022

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