Festival du film Merveilleux’s Programs.

The festival Du film merveilleux offers its audience several programs: Long story short, Cannes digital, Kaleidoscope, The Teatime, The french American corner, and Movies around the world.

Long story short, A place to discover new talent and great stories.

The short story long program is an international film competition of live action and animation short films. A space to celebrate the short format and build bridges between young and established film professionals. The short format is by nature free and inventive, the films are diverse and very often engaged.

The program aims to raise the talents of tomorrow in a playful space during 3 days of screening. The films celebrates many things such as wonder, dreams, wonder, dreams, imagination, magic, fables, fairy tales, poetry, mystical and legendary, comics, the supernatural, manga, vampires, unicorns, fantasy, science fiction, video gaming, storytelling and innovation.

Kaleidoscope offers a space for environmental, imaginary and scientific education in a playful and adventurous spirit for children since 2007

Since 20007, Kaleidoscope delivers adventurous games workshops and screening to inspire younger generation. Kaleidoscope entrusts youths with educationals activities. It relies on fairytales workshops inviting kids to make up their own stories, and allows intergenerational to meet. Different sessions aim to facilitate access to culture and cinema, and raise awareness of the environment. A “Festival du Film Merveilleux” program, with Kaleidoscope Merveilleux several workshops take place all year round.

Our partners : Google For Nonprofit, Hôpital Saint Maurice, WWF, Surfrider foundation, La Grange aux Monstres, Botaki, la ligue de l’enseignement, la mairie de Paris, La mairie du 12eme, le centre d’animation ravel, Le centre d’animation Daviel, le Festival art 2 jours.

The French American quarter creates privileged moments of Franco-American meetings and exchanges since 2010.

The french American quarter is a space that cultivates and embodies the friendship between our two countries. It’s a series of french and American movies program during and outside the festival with the objective of cultivating the strong friendship relations between the two countries.

The program aims to discover new French and American talent, it is a bridge between the French and American film worlds as well as a friendly meeting place for young creative leader of tomorrow.

The TeaTime

The TeaTime is a program of films produced in the United Kingdom and/or directed by British directors. The films are selected for the official competition of the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire and are mostly shown at our movies around the world events or at partner festivals.

With our program Movies Around the World, the Festival du Film Merveilleux travel around the world.

With our program Movies Around the World, the Festival du Film Merveilleux travel to offer to new audience to the see shorts movies and AV / AR demonstrations experiences from the best Digital experts. Attendees were able to see the films debate around reality augmented theme and vote for their favourite movie. The viewings is also an opportunity for us to invite filmmakers / startup founders & tech’s lovers to speak with our audience.

Our partners for this program are : Institut français de Londres, Alliance Française de Perth ( Australia ), Institut culturel de Palm Beach ( USA, Florida), Google Campus London, Unit 9, Inition, Future Lighthouse, Holition, Blippar, La mairie de Cannes et la médiathèque, la jeune chambre économique de Cannes, Hotel Eden & Spa.

Cannes Digital is a series of events focusing on digital & taking place during Cannes Film Festival In France since 2011.

Cannes Digital was organized from 2015 to 2019 with the support of Cloud 21 PR. Cannes digital offers panels as well mentoring sessions and mixers for digital professionals and the entertainment industrie including social media influencers, TV studios, movies producers, music labels, agencies, video games, VFX, story-makers, digital marketers, developers, designers, and more.

Our partner for this program : AMPAV ( American pavilion at Cannes Film Festival ), Oculus, Cinando, Marché du Film De Cannes Festival de Cannes, Saint Pet Clearwater film Commission, Pavillion at Cannes Film Festival, Austria pavilion, Greek pavilion, Région PACA at Cannes film festival, La Maison des scénaristes, Cloud 21 PR, Bamsound, Clap & zap, Bodvar house of rosé.