Cannes Digital is a digital series of events taking place during Cannes Film Festival In France.

Cannes digital co-organize panels as well mentoring sessions and mixers for digital professionals and the entertainment industrie including; social media influencers, TV studios, movies producers, music labels, agencies, video games, VFX, story-makers, digital marketers, developers, designers, and more.

The program was born at Cocktail Party of the Festival du Film Merveilleux in 2011, as attendees had a desire to connect with the tech world and learn more about the power of digital and what it could do for them. From there, we created partnerships to meet the needs of our audience.

Cannes Digital is the founder of Digital landscape in Cannes, the original digital and entertainment conference in cannes since 2015 and ” A survival workshop in the digital age.

Why during Cannes film Festival ?

The Festival du Film de Cannes is the leading most exclusive festival for film professional throughout the world. Our programs Cannes digital is an innovative disruptor hunter during Cannes Film Festival. We had build bridge between the tech and film professional world during the past decade.

During our past Cannes Digital, we went looking for innovators in the film industry and gave them the opportunity to participate in the must-attend technology event : Viva technology.

A survival workshop in the digital age marketing workshops to limelight and share the power of digital to young filmmakers and producers. The workshops were born from the collaboration between The Festival Du Film Merveilleux and Cloud 21.

Ours partners and co organizers

Cinando / Marché du Film de Cannes, Google for nonprofit, Viva technology, Oculus Studio Story ( META), Power to the pixels, Cloud 21 PR, Cineuropa, Clap & Zap, Bodvar House of Rosé, Cross vidéo days, IGDA, AMPAV ( American pavilion ), St Petersburg Clearwater film commission, Bandsound VR, Maison des scénaristes, Austria film Pavilion, Region PACA pavilion, Greek Pavilion, Sweden pavilion, Mobil Film Festival, Utopia Tel Aviv Film Festival, PIAFF, Eden hotel & spa, Clé production, La jeune chambre économique de Cannes,

PANEL 2017 Digital Landscape In Cannes Film Festival