Movies Around The World – Google Campus Edition

Movies Around the world – Google Campus edition toke place On January 22, 2016.On January 22, 2016 we hosted an amazing event at Google’s Campus London that brought together the world’s best Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality digital creators to provide a space for them to showcase their products and services.

The tech and speech presentations were preceded by short films screening whose themes allowed the audience to immerse themselves in the worlds of AR/VR and artificial intelligence. The evening ended with a friendly networking session around a drink and the possibility of immersion in Virtual Reality Experience.

The speakers : Adrian Leu, CEO of Inition, Marcus Belcher Lead Graphics & Web Software Engineer of Holition, Oliver Trampleasure Co-Founder and Director of Virtual Medic, Gavin Williams Filmmaker and Director of Sleepworking, Geraint Smith Marketing Producer of Unit 9 and Yifei Chai  Innovation Architect of Unit 9, Colum Eliott-Kelly Head of eduction of Blippar.

More information about the speakers companies

UNIT 9 is one of the leading multidisciplinary production companies working in various interactive fields: films, games, virtual reality and digital technology. Founded in 1997, UNIT 9 operates worldwide with offices in London, Los Angeles, New York, Florence, Berlin and Poland.

INITION is a technology innovation company specialising in the development of immersive, installation-based experiences,

BLIPPAR one of the UK’s first tech unicorns, is specialized in creating and publishing augmented reality (AR) content on smartphones and the web. Blippar’s product offerings include in-house custom augmented reality content creation with a focus on mobile and webAR, and a proprietary content creation and publishing platform, Blippbuilder, which allows users to create and publish augmented reality content themselves. Blippar has created AR campaigns for partners such as GSK, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, PepsiCo, Cadbury, L’Oreal and Procter & Gamble. These campaigns have also included the world’s first AR product launch in partnership with OnePlus North.

HOLITION designs the interactions of today by engineering the insight of tomorrow. Part think tank part digital studio, Holition is a combinatory innovation agency of scientists, film-makers, mathematicians, UX designers, and other curious minds.

FUTURE LIGHTHOUSE is a virtual reality studio operating at the crossroads of storytelling and innovation.

VIRTUAL MEDICAL is a not-for-profit company specialising in immersive and interactive medical education content delivered via a tailored online platform. Five billion people globally lack access to safe surgery and two billion will die because of this. Our recently launched Remote Online Surgical Education (R.O.S.E.) Programme aims to address this shortage by creating a comprehensive surgical education online.

Our movies list programmation

With movies around the world Google campus edition, we had the pleasure to reprogram the films of the Festival du Film Merveilleux during a tech event with an audience mainly composed of tech entrepreneur, Googlers and curious minds. This was a great opportunity to expand our audience and introduce our filmmakers to a wider audience.

Sight directed by Daniel Lazo & Eran May raz

Story : A short futuristic film featuring Augmented reality and Gamification. by Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo. This is our graduation project from Bezaleal academy of arts.

Plurality Directed by Dennis Liu

Story : After New York City introduces a cutting-edge identity-scanning technology in 2023, citizens can not only unlock doors and make purchases at the touch of a finger, they can be tracked by the police 24/7. Crime drops almost instantly, but an unexpected side effect occurs – people start popping up in two places at once.

Immersion directed by Raphael Rogers

Story : Immersion, Atma’s virtual reality rehabilitation program is sweeping the nation. Now criminals are being treated inside VR. Depression, violence, anxiety, soon they’ll all be in the past. But Axa is being hunted by Atma. Why? He’s just a nobody… or is he?

Beyond Directed by Raphael Rogers

Story : Arya, a woman who is the last of her lineage, possesses the ability to teleport across space and time. She uses her powers to explore new planets in search of something that will explain who exactly she is and where she comes from.

Sleepworking Directed by Gavin Williams

Story : In the near future a young woman becomes a sleepworker: her body is programmed to do menial labour while she is asleep. However, she starts to suffer disturbing side effects and embarks upon a dangerous journey to uncover what sleepworkers are really being made to do while unconscious.