Digital Landscape in Cannes 2015 – #DigitalCannes

Digital Landscape in Cannes 2015 – #DigitalCannes

Digital Landscape in Cannes 2015 – #DigitalCannes. This year 2015, we have been calling filmmakers, producers, and distributor to Discover how to improve your strategies of digital marketing, film festival placement, sales, and distribution in a dynamic digital landscape. Learn how to effectively integrate and adopt new business techniques. Our seasoned panelists will share their experiences to set you on the right track to push yourself forward and help you find passionate and engaging audiences to share your story. The Panel will be followed by screening of a few shorts handpicked in Cannes. A networking session has followed the panel. #DigitalCannes #cannesdigital

Panelists 2015:

Moderator: Julien Tabore (Jeune Chambre Economique)
Julien Tabore is the President of the Junior Chamber of Cannes. He studied law in New York and London and has just launched its online education platform oorikas A native of the French Riviera, it naturally wished to highlight the talents of the cinema during the International Film Festival.

Laura Nanchino (Cineuropa)
Laura studied political science in Paris and did a European studies specialization in Brussels. Afterward, she began doing cinema in 2010 while working as an intern at the European Parliament, during which she collaborated for Prix LUX for European cinema.
From 2011 to 2014, she met with the Euromed Audiovisual III team of the European Commission, whose objective was to develop the film and audiovisual sector of 10 Southern Mediterranean countries. As the web manager of Prix LUX, she is also in charge of social networks and the database of films and professionals of, which is the main European homepage to be dedicated to cinema and audiovisuals published in four languages.

Gotham Chandna
Rated by Jeff Bullas as the Top 100 Twitter Users In PR, Gotham Chandna possesses a unique blend of Social Media, Experiential Marketing, Product Placement & PR under his belt. With over a decade of experience ranging from consumer goods to high-end luxury brands, Gotham has worked with very high profile individual clients, agencies, and corporations.
Gotham’s passion for brand engagement and experiential marketing has led him to execute highly engaging LIVE social media campaigns during Sundance, Oscars and Cannes Film Festival, to name a few. Using his unique strategy, he drives thousands of visitors and conversions for brands. This is Gotham’s 4th year attending Cannes Film Festival.
When he is not building campaigns, he’s tracking ROI for clients, reading or meditating.

Uri Aviv (Utopia Film Festival)
Aviv is the founder and general director of the Utopia Association and its namesake festival, the Tel-Aviv International festival of science fiction and fantastic film, and its program of Science, Imagination, and Future Visions events.
Among his many projects, Aviv co-founded the Israeli tech singularity un-conference, organized as guest-coordinator the Israeli Singularity week (with SingularityU), produced Viral Science, a science communication workshop and produced the culture and entertainment section of Israel’s Space Week. Aviv has also written about culture, film and science for several major news outlets.
Aviv has 17 years of experience in the culture and art NGO sector in Israel, running volunteer-based organizations and projects, and a decade of experience in systems and requirements analysis in the high-tech sector. Aviv is a regular attendee at the Cannes International Film Festival and has curated programs and talked in film festivals and film, digital media and science communication conferences in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland and Israel.
Outside of Utopia, Aviv is Promethean, providing artistic direction and consultancy, content editing, and production to projects, events and organizations intertwining science, culture, technology, philosophy, futurism, and geek culture in general.

Ayekoro Kossou (Director and producer) Filmmaker and Producer.

Bénédicte BEAUGEOIS (Festival du film Merveilleux)
Bénédicte Beaugeois is the founder and director of the Festival du film Merveilleux et Imaginaire. She has been representing the NGO Dyslexia International at UNESCO and also working for the largest music publisher in the world Peermusic.

Partners for the Panels 2015

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Luca Zamai is the CEO and founder of FilmFestivalLife. His film career began as director of photography in the field of reportages and documentaries for international TV and film productions including Arte, ARD, Channel 4 and MTV. Since 2001, he has progressively shifted to production. management, seeing him directing and producing short films. Luca is seriously invested in his film community, often appearing as guest speaker for support initiatives and advising as a panelist for film schools and festivals.

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