Director Biography – Alberto Cano


Alberto Cano is 3D artist and scriptwriter. He trained as a computer graphics technician in different schools of Digital Arts and did a Master’s degree in scriptwriting with Pedro Loeb. He has worked in companies such as Popular TV, Dolmen Digital, Virtual Toys, or Lightbox Animation Studios. He has participated in animated feature films such as ‘The Adventures of Tadeo Jones’, ‘Futbolín’, ‘Atrapa la Bandera’ ‘Tadeo Jones 2’ and ‘Tadeo Jones 3’. He is currently a teacher in the 3D area of Lightbox Academy


The cold night hangs over the old Frankenstein?s castle. Victor, the scientist willing to challenge science, sets out to carry out his most ambitious plan: bring his admired Franceska back to life. With the collaboration, or not, of Igor, his invaluable and loving assistant; Victor will face the greatest challenge of his career.