Director Biography – CHEN, WEI-LIN

” I’m Chen, Wei-Lin, studying at the Department of Design in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. I am interested in observing many things around me, such as the behavior of people and the habits of animals. The motivation of creating “Coincidate” is that I want to make a comedic 3D animated short film and try to use toon shading as well as exaggerated motion performance. In the future, I hope to participate in overseas animation film productions and work with outstanding animators to complete a world class masterpiece. I look forward to working in a large overseas company one day.”


It was originally thought to be an only meet in the life, but they seemed to be made for each other and quickly fell in love.
“Two strangers have fallen in love, but only one person knows that it is not a coincidence.” There is a hidden side behind the seemingly ordinary encounter.