Director Biography – Clément Rière

Come and meet Clément Rière, one of the directors selected for the 13th Edition of the Festival du film Merveilleux et Imaginaire.

Clément Rière

Clément Rière is a director, scriptwriter and editor. After several short films, he is preparing to move into feature films with two projects: Hors Saison (produced by 22h22 and Alliance de Production Cinématographique (APC)) and Les Dessins d’Alexandre (produced by WildWest). Since attending the Atelier Scénario at the Fémis, Clément has also worked as a scriptwriter on various projects for film, TV and the web. And for over fifteen years, he has also been chief editor on documentaries and dramas.

Film in competition – Opulence

Synopsis: Mathilde, a comic strip artist, lives alone in a house-studio in the country. While she’s working hard on her new futuristic adventures album of Saul, her astronaut hero, she is offered a box of old pencils by her neighbor, a second-hand dealer, without imagining for a moment that they have an extraordinary power. Thanks to them, everything Mathilde draws can come true.

Year: 2022

Runtime: 19’14

Production: Capricci Films

Country: France

Language: French


  • Director: Clément Rière.
  • Producer: Thierry Lounas.
  • Script: Clément Rière.
  • Key cast: Paloma Coquant, Frédéric Kneip, Jérémy Barbier D’Hiver.
  • Director of Photography: Denis Louis.
  • Editor: Méloé Poillevé.
  • Music: Christophe Marejano.