Director Biography – Fiorella Spitzer

Come and meet Fiorella Spitzer, one of the directors selected for the 13th Edition of the Festival du film Merveilleux et Imaginaire.

Fiorella Spitzer

Fiorella Spitzer is an animation artist and director from Budapest, Hungary. Her first graduation short film Bardo was internationally recognized at several film festivals, which led her to continue pursuing her career as a director. She created and took place in a handful of projects from animating Hungarian music videos to being a storyboard artist for commercials and live-action short films as well.

Film in competition – There is Nothing Nice Deep Within

Synopsis: A girl’s repressed feelings burst to the surface like devastating fire, destroying reality, forcing her to flee to a subconscious world where she has to face her demons.

Year: 2022

Runtime: 7’35

Production: Budapest Metropolitan University

Country: Hungary

Language: No dialogues

Student project: Yes – Budapest Metropolitan University


  • Director: Fiorella Spitzer.
  • Producer: Melinda Kiss.
  • Music and sound design: András Pongor.
  • Production manager: Krisztina Holló-Leleszi.