Director Biography – Nadège Herrygers

Come and meet Nadège Herrygers, one of the directors selected for the 13th Edition of the Festival du film Merveilleux et Imaginaire.

Nadèges Herrygers

Born in 1975 in La Louvière (Belgium), Nadège graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 1997 from the Saint-Luc art school in Brussels, in the “comics” section. In 1999, she obtained a master’s degree in film writing and analysis at the “Université Libre de Bruxelles”.

From 1999 to 2018, she worked at Plaza Art (a major art-house cinema in Wallonia) and at the Mons International Film Festival (Belgium) as a manager for young audiences. In addition to programming and organizing educational activities, Nadège wanted to get involved in creation. Therefore, she did numerous short film workshops with schools, obtaining grants from the Ministry of Education. Some of these films have been selected and awarded in various festivals for young audiences.

In 1999, she opened and still runs a weekly stop motion workshop for teenagers. Several short films made in this workshop have won awards in international festivals. She has been employed full time since 2018, by the Province of Hainaut, to continue this writing and directing work with different types of audiences, on a larger territory. She is currently in the process of obtaining a diploma in cultural management (BAGIC).

Nadège is also deeply involved in the community and cultural life of her region: leader of a youth movement group at the age of 17, president of the Parents’ Association at her two daughters’ school, co-manager of the regional group ‘Les Incroyables Comestibles’, administrator of a centre for the creation and archiving of surrealist thought, etc.

Cultural and environmental causes are close to her heart on a daily basis, which is why she is actively involved at local level. She is convinced that the small gestures she makes on a daily basis (building a shared gardening area, installing a book box in my neighbourhood, etc.) are drops of water, small indeed, but which feed a vast ocean. That’s why, with this first short film short film, she hopes to help feed that ocean even more.

Film in competition: Bad Seed

Synopsis: In a city, Sadia is involved in a mysterious traffic. One of her friends, Arthur, surprises her and discovers what she is hiding. He will have to make a choice…

Year: 2022

Runtime: 12′

Production: Duno Films

Country: France

Language: French


Director: Nadège Herrygers. Writer: Nadège Herrygers. Producer: Jérémie Chevret. Production director: Malorie Yvorel. Casting: Nell Geeraerd, Léo Moreau. Assistant director: Harold Deluermoz. Staging trainee: Céline Desvignes-Gleisz. Script: Paola Petit-Brisson. Development manager: Maxime Fournier. Director of photography: Nicolas Berteyac. Assistants operator: Kevin Pusceddu, Luc Peiser. Steadycamer: Alexandre Violaz. Photographer: Nicolas Bono. Stage manager: Xavier Corrochano. Control room assistant: Valentin Courel, André Gabriel Vermorel. Sound: Julien Gonzalez. Perchmen: Romain Bossoutrot. Head machinist: Clément Aubert. Machinist: Alexandre Charles. Machinist trainee: Anastasia Ode. Head electrician: Charles Sayer. Electrician: Maxime Robert. Electrician trainee: Victor Gelis. Make-up artist: Béatrice Le Gal. Head costume designer: Mariève Schiettecatte. Costume designer: Malou Galinou. Production designer: Angélique Monbeig. Assistant production designer: Emma Perret. Accessory maker: Noémie Le Forestier. Film editor: Aurélie Redouté. Assistant film editor: Stéphanie Merken, Stéphane Lambert. Grader: Chiara Pontuali. Sound mixer: Thomas Noël.