Virginie Kahn was an artistic director in press and communication agency for 15 years while pursuing a career as a live show photographer.

In 2009, she directed Danse danse danse,a first documentary self-produced. Three years later, she directed Le Grand saut, a documentary about childhood, commitment, and passion for dance for the French-German TV channel Arte.

In 2014, she wrote and directed Ligne de protection, a first short fiction movie, tackling gender-based violence soon followed by a second one, Protection sur Ordonnance

She is currently writing two feature films scripts and has just adapted a novel for the screen.

Since 2020, she has directed three historical documentaries for the French TV channel Histoire TV : 1940, La debacle; 1933-1939 Attaquer Hitler ?; 1940-1944 De Gaulle seul contre tous. She is currently working on three other ones.

At the same time, she works on the short movies collection, Jardins d’Illusion, in cooperation with choreographers.

Shhh! (Chut !) is the fourth short of the collection after The Birth of Venus (La Naissance de Vénus), The She-Wolf (La Louve) and Trìptico which all have already been selected and awarded in many festivals abroad and in France. A fifth short is in post-production.

© Emmanuelle Stäuble


Year : 2022

Runtime :​ 12’

Production :​ PM SA

Country :​ FRANCE

Synopsis :​ Between fairy tales and children’s comedy, Chut! is freely adapted from a live performance. In the 1920s, an inhibited young boy and a girl discover a marvelous book in which live three tiny beings – living letters – that only they can see and hear.

Credits : Directed by Virginie Kahn Writing Virginie Kahn. Cast : Amance Barbosa-Caterini, Louve Reiniche Larroche, Enki Lebigot-Dymon. Produced by Alain Pancrazi Music by Benoît Maurin Pierre-Olivier Schmitt Cinematography by
Gérald Acourt Stéphane Le Parc Film Editing by Cécile Porlan