Directors Biographies – Guillaume Levil and Nicolas Paban

MEET Guillaume Levil and Nicolas Paban

Guillaule Levil and Nicolas Paban : Guillaume Levil has written or directed shorts and long films, including Son, winner of the “Luxembourgish Oscar”. Nicolas Paban is a self-taught director, considered as a “major author of self-production” by the French Federation of Cinema and Video – he made around fifteen shorts.

Guillaume Levil has written or directed a few films which were shown all over France and abroad, including You Can’t Write a Letter, a feature released in 2014, and The Trousers Issue, a documentary shown on French TV. He directed Arthur Rambo and wrote Son – winner of the « Luxembourgish Oscar » -, two shorts which were selected for more than 90 festivals for the first one and 160 for the second one. He grew up between Réunion Island and Provence, so Guillaume Levil likes catching the light that inspires him from lands of many tales and legends. As a true lover of Capra’s and Pagnol’s work, he gives away images as story-teller, not to escape reality but to celebrate it differently.

Nicolas Paban is a self-taught director. He was born in 1978 in the south of France, where he still lives. Considered a “major author of self-production” by the review “l’Ecran de la FFCV” of the French Federation of Cinema and Video, he “invents for his films wacky characters, lunar, sometimes Fellinian, often borderline, but still deeply human. Far from effusive effects like empty exercises of style, it is the nobility of a certain artisanal cinema that the Toulon filmmaker is celebrating “(“L’Ecran de la FFCV”June 2019). Nicolas Paban has written, directed and edited around fifteen short and medium-length films. These films mix, to varying degrees, the absurd, insolence and poetry. Each film, with its own style, offers a special look at our world.

Guillaume LEVIL Nicolas PABAN

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Year : 2021

Runtime :​ 26’

Production :​ La boite à songe

Country of production:​ FRANCE

Synopsis :​ Working at the office during the day, taking care of his father in the evening: this is the daily routine of Pierrot, a simple and endearing bachelor. For several weeks, he has been chatting with a young woman on the Internet. That day, she asks him to help her.

Credits : Executive Producer : Fanny Chrétien. Sound Recordist : Alexandre Ralha. Director of Photography : Michel Allouch. Camera Operator : Nicolas Paban. Editor : Amandine Froger. Continuity supervisor : Sophie Bouteiller. Music Composer :
Nicolas Pignerol. Grader : Michel Allouche. Sound Mixer : Alexandre Ralha. Assistant Director : Priscilla Lopes. Screenwriters :
Guillaume Levil, Nicolas Paban. Assistant Operator : Madian Jacquemin. Production manager : Fanny Chrétien. Sound Editor :
Alexandre Ralha Production Designer : David Viellefon. Costume designer : Nathalie Trezza. Make-up Artist :.Alexandra Cittadini

© La boite à songe, 2022