Directors Biographies – Mélina Ienco, Lucie Juric, Caroline Leibel, Faustine Merle, Claire Pellet

Come and meet Mélina Ienco, Lucie Juric, Caroline Leibel, Faustine Merle, Claire Pellet, some of the directors selected for the 13th Edition of the Festival du film Merveilleux et Imaginaire.

The team

Mélina IENCO, Lucie JURIC, Caroline LEIBEL, Faustine MERLE and Claire PELLET all met during their first year as animation students at Gobelins. They all come from differents parts of France, some from the countryside and some others from cities. They hadn’t all studied art before and like different things, but they quickly bonded over their love for stupid jokes and long coffee breaks in the afternoon. They had previously worked together on school projects (not everyone in the same team all at once), and thought that there were not enough comedies in the graduation movies they saw. As a consequence, they took up the challenge to create a film that would make people laugh. It turned out to be a good idea, because “Search for the Human” was very fun to make.

Mélina Ienco

Born in Franche Comté, where she studied art history and archaeology, Mélina has a curious and adventurous character. She loves long hikes in the mountains or exploration sessions in the Catacombs of Paris (the legend even tells that she would bring the bravest along). She would like to specialize in 2D animation or colorscript.

Lucie Juric

A graduate of the DMA in animation cinema from Ste Geneviève and coming directly from La Rochelle, Lucie is not afraid to experiment in various fields, particularly in sewing and fashion. Endowed with a soft, playful universe, she is always attentive to the small absurdities of every day life. She wants to specialize in 2D animation and storyboarding, with a touch of humor.

Caroline Leibel

Alsacienne and proud of it, Caroline is interested in everything that is folkloric and has a fantastic graphic universe with mostly traditional techniques. Animation, Background and compositing, finishing the plans of others who are late, there are many tricks up his sleeve. She wants to specialize in visual development and 2D animation.

Faustine Merle

Coming straight from the countryside of France, Faustine joined the Gobelins after a year at the DMA in animation cinema of Marseille. Her graphic universe full of curves and acid colors will wake up your retina and warm up your soul. She is particularly interested in visual development, background painting and character design.

Claire Pellet

After engineering studies and a very brief career in programming that did not inspire her, Claire turned her back on the «Royal Way» to join the Gobelins. She specializes in 2D animation and is also interested in writing. You will usually find her camping in front of a concert hall a crash barrier. She also enjoys finding the beach in his hometown, Nice.

Film in competition: Search for the Human

Synopsis: In a fantasy world, a griffin embraces his fate and goes on an epic journey to find a legendary creature: The Human.

Year: 2022

Runtime: 6’44

Production: Gobelins

Country: France

Language: French

Sudent project: Yes – Gobelins


  • Animation, Script and film editor: Mélina Ienco, Lucie Juric, Caroline Leibel, Faustine Merle, Claire Pellet.
  • Key cast: Jean-Christophe Lebert, David Faure, Magali Rosenzweig, Mathieu Tiger, Clément Naline.
  • Sound engineer: Mathieu Tiger, Clément Naline.
  • Sound editor and mix: Mathieu Tiger.
  • Soundtrack: Julien Vermeulen.