Directors Biographies – Victor Cesca, Clémence Rocand

Come and meet Victor Cesca and Clémence Rocand, two of the directors selected for the 13th Edition of the Festival du film Merveilleux et Imaginaire.

Victor Cesca

Even before I left my mother’s womb, I had seen – or should I say heard – more films than any other foetus on this planet. Nurtured by film-loving parents, I spent my childhood with camcorder in hand, making short films with whatever means at hand, inventing all sorts of stories. From war films to action comedies to zombie invasions, I had fun filming my home village from all angles, and my friends were not spared.
Once I’d passed my A-levels, I went on to study cinema in Nantes, where I made several films to try my hand at different genres and find my own.
I went on to write and direct several short films, trying to infuse them with my own world. For me, short films are a playground for experimentation, where I can exorcise the demons of my daily life through themes that drive me, such as duels, madness and obsession.
After Fortissimo, which is now starting its festival career, I’m continuing to develop projects, fighting to continue making the kind of cinema I like: genre cinema that’s popular and entertaining. Even if that sometimes means becoming independent and getting by.
After all, as Peter Jackson says: pain is temporary; film is forever.

Clémence Rocand

After obtaining her baccalauréat in 2015, Clémence went on to obtain a DUT in communications before finally turning her attention back to what she has been passionate about since the age of four: dance. With 15 years of ballet and 10 years of jazz under her belt, she first worked as a hip hop teacher in an association.
In 2020, she passed her Examen d’Aptitude Technique in jazz dance and went on to study for her state teaching diploma.
Meeting Victor Cesca in 2016 introduced her to cinema. She discovered the combination of dance and film through musicals such as Moulin Rouge, West Side Story, Grease and the works of Jacques Demy. Passionate about jazz music, she is keen to convey emotions through movement.
The aim is simple: to make the audience want to dance.
With Chronolovie, she is realising one of her dreams: to direct and choreograph a short film in which palettes of colour and emotion succeed one another.

Film in competition – Chronolovie

Synopsis: A look, a melody, that’s how their love story begins. Suspended above the ocean, the couple progress where music, dance steps, and emotions intermingle.
Two souls, one life: this is the story of Chronolovie.

Year: 2021

Runtime: 7’52

Production: Blast Production

Country: France

Language: No dialogues


Directors: Victor Cesca, Clémence Rocand. Writers: Victor Cesca, Clémence Rocand. Producers: Amiel Tenenbaum, Simon Pénochet. Choreographer: Clémence Rocand. Music: Jacques Raffin. Operators: Kevin Larat, Damien Lejosne, Chloé Chatellier. Costume designer: Clémence Rocand. Stage managers: Ana Bargagli, Christelle Lecureur. Control room assistants: Romain Gallard, Gabin Baud. Make-up artist: Fernand Ajagamelle, Ana Bargagli. Editor: Victor Cesca. Sound editor: Victor Cesca. Sound mixing: Denis Grangier Nocetti. VFX Artists: Pierre-André Fontaine, Romain Perrin, Kevin Larat. Grader: Lydia Lopez. Key cast: Maya Bizel, Jean Duigou, Simon Larvaron, Hélène Degy, Bastien Guio, Julie Guio, Eliot Duplessy.