Directors Biography – José Prats, Álvaro Roblès

MEET José Prats, Álvaro Roblès

Jose Prats is a filmmaker, storyboarder and illustrator, and works for Aardman Studios. He studied Fine Arts at the universities of Murcia, Valencia and Accademia Albertina and then began his career as a Concept Artist in Spanish, Mexican and Finnish studios. In 2015, he collaborated on the animated feature film “Capture the Flag” (Lightbox Animation Studio) and studied filmmaking and sceenwriting at the Metropolis Film School. In 2017, he participated in the animation laboratory Animation Sans Frontières.
Filmography: Mara, Maravillas (2018, 5 min, codirected with Alvaro Robles), Purple Scarf (2019, 7 min, self-produced live action)

Alvaro Robles graduated at the Metropolis Film School with a Screenwriting/Directing Degree. He then pursued a professional career as an editor in several advertising agencies in Madrid. He codirected and wrote the short film “Mara, Maravillas” with José Prats.
Filmography: Mara, Maravillas (2018, 5 min, codirected with Jose Prats), Si no puedes (2019, 6 min)

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Year : 2020

Runtime :​ 12’

Production :​ Moukda Production, Bigaro Film

Country of production:​ Spain / France

Synopsis :​ In a remote village where it rains incessantly, Kyna, 6 years old, spends her days playing carefree, well sheltered under the “umbrella-bar” of Din, her father. One night Nana, her beloved dog, disappears. To find her, Kyna must face her greatest fear, the rain. 

Credits : Script Jose Prats, Alvaro Robles, Alicia Canovas, Jesus Lopez. Editing Jose Prats, Alvaro Robles. Graphic design, Sets Jose Prats. Animation director Thierry Torres. Animation development director Jose Antonio Cerro. Animation Laura Soret, Marta de Paz, Manuel Galiana, Laura Cobo, Josep Bano, Carmen Cambrils, Javier Ferrer, Cristina Calles, Liuxander Ricardo Da Silva, Rohan Deshchougule, Pauline Champetier, María Torregrosa, Marta Martín, Orlando Díaz, Marcel Carralero, Theo Boubounelle, Thijs Koole, Mihaela Buzgan. Special effects Martin Uyttebroeck, Pierre Grillere. Music Pablo Mirete. Voice cast Alejandro Garrido Martinez, Celia Lopera Gonzales. Producers Diana Hentulescu, Keota Dengmanara, Ramon Alos

© Moudka production & Bigaro film, 2021