Festival du Film Merveilleux 2010


Discover the Festival du Film Merveilleux 2010 ‘s programmation

Raging ball de Nicolas Duval
Runtime : 10 minutes
Production : Padma Production
Country of production : France
Synopsis : A secret room in the depths of a gambling den. The final of a clandestine table football tournament. Two gladiators in the arena: Noodle and La Bestia. Delusional balls and unusual playing techniques. No rules. Only one winner.

Fard by David Alapont et Luis Briceno
Runtime: 12 minutes 55
Production : Metronomic Production
Country of production : France.
Synopsis : In a near future, the world seems to work in an effective and checked way.

Le colleur d’affiche by Fabrice de Boni
Runtime : 22 minutes
Production : Mia Production
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Each day, Diogene glues the same poster at the edge of a wheat field crossed by a deserted road. He falls for a beautiful stranger in the poster’s image to such a point that the wind, his only companion, becomes jealous.

Gaspar and Susie by Serge Reynal
Runtime : 6 minutes 51
Production : Les bouts de ficelle
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Gaspard and Susie are competing to play my beautiful harmonica. But who will win?

La mécanique du cœur by Cyrill Lotin
Runtime : 4 minutes 10
Production : Waide Somme
Country of production : France
Synopsis : LA MÉCANIQUE DU CŒUR or “When Virgile meets Mélodie”. Cyril Lottin’s vision of humanoid relations shows that metal can also suffer from troubles of the heart.

Journey to the end of the line by Sabrina Corneille
Runtime: 3 minutes 26
Production : Waide Somme
Country of production : France
Synopsis : The Paris subway reviewed by Sabrina CORNEILLE : subway trains are now flowing underground and in the air. On an electro soundtrack giving it a breathless pace, let yourself go to the wild dance of two trains with multicolored lights. This is one way to take another look at the monotony of suburban transport…

The thing in the distance a stressful adventure by Elliot Cowan
Runtime : 6 minutes
Production : Elliot Cowan
Country of production : United States
Synopsis : Boxhead and Roundhead are a pair of innocents in a land of monsters, hostile natives and appalling weather. This 8th stressful adventure is a tale of obsession and paranoia.

I was crying out against life, or for life by Vergine Keaton
Runtime : 9 minutes
Production : 25 films
Country of production : France
Synopsis : In a forest, a herd of stags turns round and starts chasing the pack of dogs who’d been on their heels up until then. This strange chase causes landscapes to rise from the ground.

Maybe this time by Marie Laure Dougnac
Runtime : 30 secondes
Production : realized in the framework of the Plymptoon School of Animation 2010
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Bill Plympton, as a part of his training, shares his experience and his way of working. We must
make a 30 second cartoon, with two characters, and a story. “Short and funny”.

L’oiseau ( The bird ) by Samuel Yal
Runtime : 9 minutes
Production : Double mètre Animation
Country of production : France
Synopsis : A strange character falls in love with the only living creature in his mechanical universe meant to
be free: a bird. Fascinated, he sinks little by little into a spiral of madness.

Ibü by Anaïs Ibert de Victor De La Heras
Runtime : 8 minutes 32
Production : Train de nuit
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Ibü seeks, stumbles. He sniffs, he observes. In the deep black, his path lights up as he steps along … as ours do. But where does Ibü go ?

Sir Albert’s bathroom by Marie-Laure Dougnac
Runtime : 8 minutes
Production : a.a.a productions
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Like their owner, items of a bathroom are bored, until an invasive intruder upsets their daily routine…

Dreams and evening gathering by David Baudry
Runtime : 14 minutes
Production : Il est une fois
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Illusions of representation. Clarinettist, he builds his imagination through a photograph that comes alive for him.

La carte (The postcard ) by Stefan Le Lay
Runtime: 7 minutes 30
Production : Les Films du Varech
Country of production : France
Synospis : A young man who lives in a colored postcard falls in love with a young woman who lives in a black and white postcard. He is ready to do anything to join her and stay with her.

Hugo by Nicholas Verso
Runtime : 15 minutes 35
Production : Thaumatrope.
Synopsis : Lonely schoolgirl Desma is determined to win the school science competition and beat her archrival, Celestine. When Desma discovers an incredible creature, an insect-boy endowed with a pair of mothwings, she thinks victory is hers. But can Desma ignore her attacks of conscience and entrap the vulnerable moth-boy to win a competition? Or will she forfeit her dreams of glory and suffer another humiliating loss to Celestine?

Babylone by Simon Saulnier
Runtime : 16 minutes
Production : Milo Films
Country of production : France
Synopsis : In an undefined era, men are fully assisted by machines called « intellects », which, thanks to B01 program, provide them with an almost artificial life. A resistance, The Black League, claims the existence of a legendary city symbolically called Babylon, devoid of « intellects », as a world of peace… The Young Ael, a fervent admirer of the Black League and dependent on the technology of the « intellects », will meet Abelia, a Young mercenary of the League. She tries to make him join the terrorist group…

Angell Ass de Mick Bull et Melissa Mars
Runtime : 9 minutes 20
Production : Made in Mars
Country of production : France
Synopsis : At the edge of the forest, like a caged bird, a woman-child between two ages struggles with her fear of growing up and her sexual fantasies : walking through the forest and surrendering to the wolf

Il était une fois (Once upon a time ) by Anaïs Vachez
Runtime : 17 minutes
Production : Pirates à l’écran
Country of production : France
Synopsis : In a world strict and monochrome, a little girl finds the terrible means to restore life and color to her imaginary world.

Gauche Droite by Stéphane Bouquet
Runtime : 4 minutes 30
Production : Cantina Films
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Left and Right are two boxing gloves on the wane who are going into a well-deserved retirement. They are a right pair.

Le portail by Liam Engle
Runtime : 14 minutes 45
Production : Black Bird Production
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Alexis is a secretive and uncommunicative boy who has just entered college. He has difficulties integrating in the social scene and gets used to playing hooky to go alone into the forest that adjoins the city. In spite of all his mother’s efforts to try to understand him, Alexis cannot refrain from returning again and again to the forest, as if he had found deep in the woods something that fascinates him.

Glow by Benjamin Dumas
Runtime : 7 minutes
Production : Autoproduction
Country of production : France
Synopsis : A man is attacked by the ghosts of his past in a mysterious house.

Kaojikora by Eric Dikian
Runtime : 13 minutes 24
Production : Insolence production
Country of production : France
Synopsis : A young Japanese girl lives in a Western country with her boyfriend. When she wakes up one morning she realizes that her companion has suffered a strange transformation: his face has disappeared in favor of abstract conglomerate fuzzy flesh. Escaping in terror from home, she then realizes that she may be the only survivor of this mutation.

Ferryman by Pierre Zandrowicz
Runtime : 12 minutes 51
Production : FatCat Films
Country of production : France
Synopsis : During Christmas, Elie, an experienced journalist, is sent on an assignment across the US for his magazine. The subject of his investigation is a tall tale: a smuggler of souls that would allow the return for a short time, of disappeared or loved ones. But in New York, his final visit, things change. This story is more credible than it appears.

Salut Peter de Jules Thénier
Runtime : 11 minutes 20
Production : AQRM Production
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Abandoned a long time ago by her darling Peter Pan, who went off with lovely Wendy, Tinkerbell drowns her sorrow in a dark bar on Earth. Tirelessly, she dwells on her memories, to the great displeasure of James, the barman. But this evening, things take a different turn: Peter arrives and suggests that Tinkerbel come with him to the imaginary kingdom.

Chaperon Noir de Mick Bulle et Melissa Mars
Runtime : 9 minutes 20
Production : Made in Mars
Country of production : France
Synopsis : In a dark forest populated with strange beings, two guards with pink deer heads follow the path of the black hooded lady who looks like a “femme fatale”. “Follow me” leads her to a treasure hunt towards the object of her fantasies: Bite…. the man or the apple?

Conseil d’orientation de Clément Inglaki
Runtime : 18 minutes
Production : Autoproduction
Country of production : France
Synopsis: This is the story of a man who is carrying out a search. This is the story of a quest that leads to a fairytale princess. This is the story of a princess who does not easily taken.