Festival du Film Merveilleux 2011


Discover The festival du Film Merveilleux 2011’s programmation and Jury. The Festival toke place at Theatre 12, 6 avenue Maurice Ravel 75012 PARIS.

Nicolas Alberny, Caroline Vié, Fabrice O Joubert, Xavier Gens

MEILLEUR FILM Planet Z de Momoko Seto

MEILLEUR FILM D’ANIMATION : Le silence sous l’écorce de Joanna Lurie


PRIX SPECIAL A morning stroll de Grant Orchard


French Roast by Fabrice O Joubert
Runtime: 8 minutes
Production: Pumpkin Factory et Bibo Films
Country of production: France
Synopsis: At the time of paying the bill in a chic Parisian ‘brasserie’, a staid businessman realizes with horror that he has forgotten his wallet: how will he pay?

Dripped by Léo Verrier
Runtime: 8 minutes
Production: Chez Eddy
Country of production: France
Synopsis: New York, 1950. Passionate about painting, Jack scours museums all day long. He steals paintings which he hides in his home to eat! The master paintings are his food and plunge him into a state of ecstasy when he devours them. But by eating too many, the paintings become scarce until they disappear.

Wounded memories by Laurent Bonnotte
Runtime: 12 minutes
Production: Sacrebleu production
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Alice is woken up by a young Rwandan who leaves her lost in her dark dream. The scheduled horror of a massacre reappears in the shadows. Alice must find the person to whom these memories belong.

1,2 million Children by Effie Pappa
Runtime: 2 minutes 36
Production: TEI of Athens
Country of production: Grece
Synopsis: The animation short “1,2 Million Children” focuses on human trafficking through the eyes of an African child who pursuits the dream of freedom and becomes a victim of tragic statistics.

The girl at the skull by Daniel Letamendia
Runtime: 9 minutes 20
Production: Daniel Letamendia
Country of production: France
Synopsis: The film is about the hardships suffered by the young Méliko, whose beauty was stolen by her jealous stepmother. Isolated from her family, she crosses the ancestral land of legends. In an unexpected way, the fulfilment of her destiny will respond to the one of an entire people.

Le Greenboy & The Dirty Girl by Jerome Genevray
Runtime: 3 minutes
Production: les envahisseurs
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Signed by his unicorn, the Super-Ordinary-Green-Hero goes through the city and launches the fight of an environmentally conscious citizen. His enemy: Dirty Girl, paid by the oil industry!

Train-Train Medina by Mohamadou Ndoye Douts
Runtime: 7 minutes
Production: Atelier Grafoui
Country of realisation: Senegal
Country of production: Belgium
Synopsis: One day, people start to steal sand from the beach to build their houses. Things start to get messy in the Medina. The energetic communication, the conviviality of the neighbourhood is at the mercy of clamorous rabble-rousers. One day, everything falls apart. Living in common disrespect for nature and foreach other brings about a time of misery which wipes out everything without leaving a trace.

Digital Intermediated Swimming by Lee Hyung-suk
Runtime: 5 minutes
Production: autoproduction
Country of production: South Korea
Synopsis: Sometime in the near future. In an old, abandoned film-processing laboratory, films float in developing solutions like water weeds. The digital lens swims freely in the solution and breaks into theirworld.

A Bottle’s Life by Joe & Piniang Ngary,
Runtime: 3 minutes
Production: auto production
Country of production: Senegal
Synopsis: An empty bottle is thrown into the street by a motorist and ends up in the hands of a bunch of kids. It then receives a violent kick which propels it tens of meters away and ends up in the canal. From the top of a hill, a fisherman with his child fishes it out, furious, and lays it on its side. The boy snaps it up, turns it into a toy and returns home with it at sunset.

Juan con Miedo by Daniel Romero
Runtime: 11 minutes
Production: Yacaré films
Country of production: Spain
Synopsis: During the holidays in the village of his grandparents, John meets Maria, a mysterious girl who tells the terrifying legend surrounding the old house of the farmer. Juan, unlike the character in the story, is afraid. Maria is not.

The Hunting Ground by Nalle Mielonen
Runtime: 12 minutes
Production: Tampere university
Country of production: Finland
Synopsis: A small country town is getting ready for a big celebration when two strangers, Kiuru and Moukari, drive through it. On the highway they meet young Alma, who leads them to an ancient forest. When night falls, the hunt begins…

Lesson of darkness by Sarah Arnold
Runtime: 15 minutes 50
Production: Utopie Films
Country of production: France
Synopsis: One beautiful summer afternoon, four septuagenarian musicians get ready to give a concert in a church. However, the route of the cellist turns out to be full of pitfalls. Without him, the incomplete quartet has to begin to play. The melody is acrid. With twilight, the cellist finally arrives and the quartet finds its unity, just in time for a souvenir.

Sons of Chaos by Mathieu Turi
Runtime: 4 minutes 59
Production: Turigol production
County of production: France
Synopsis: Biological war has put an end to the world we used to know. The air is now toxic to mankind. And survivors are a mere thousand. Organized into clans, they try to overcome bloodthirsty creatures, called the howlers. Every man who wants to protect the people must undergo a dangerous training…

Hansel and Gretel, the true story by Goce Cvetanovski
Runtime: 12 minutes
Production: makedonska Krespot
Country of production: Macedonia
Synopsis: Witchcraft versus bravery… A dark fantasy tale set in the realm of Brothers Grimm classic fairy

Lovely Mira by Franck Victor
Runtime: 20 minutes
Production: Purple Rose Productions
Country of production: France
Synopsis: In 21st century Paris, Mira and Diego, a couple of young centenarian vampires love each other passionately. To survive in today’s world, they will have to blend in with their past prey, and change their somewhat antiquated ways. Will their couple overcome this ordeal? Can Diego convince Mira not to eat their neighbours?

Potable by Jaryl Lynne and Kew Lynne
Runtime: 10 minutes
Production: Inappropriates pictures
Country of production: Singapore
Synopsis: It is the near future and a shocking incident with a water catchment area has left thousands dead. The cause: a waterborne virus that could possibly spread across the globe in a matter of weeks. The government enlists the help of trained professionals to seek out and inspect all water sources across the nation for signs of contamination. The protagonist is simply one of the many agents working on the case. Just another day at work for him, however, turns into a decision that could change the course of history…

Angel 46 by Jules Thenier
Runtime: 15 minutes 09
Production: AQRM
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Far away from everything, a man shows up to end his life. As he hesitates, an angel falls from the sky and lands by his side. Despite expectations, Angel 46 has not come to console this man.

Akerbeltz las Brujas y el Inquisitor, by Cesar urbina Vitoria
10 minutes 29
Production: Iralta films
Country of production: Spain
Synopsis: The gloomy dungeon of the Santo Oficio gaol in Logrono (Spain) is packed with prisoners accused of witchcraft. The sound of mystical chanting drifts out through the bars. It is a desperate cry for help that travels through valleys and mountains until it reaches the hamlet of Zugarramurdi. A young boy wakes up suddenly in the middle of the night…

Kaydara de Raphaël Hernandez and Savitri Joly-Gonfard
Runtime: 55 minutes
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Film Tribute to The Matrix

Big Ben de Giacomo Boeri, 12 min 42, LFS London film School
The Little Kiss Shop de Maureen Hascoët, 7 min
We Weren’t The First Ones Here de Kate Broadhurst, Daisy Gould, EmmaRose Dade, Helen Dallat and Joseph Wallace, 5 min 0Junk de Kirk Hendry, 6 min 30, Th1ng,
Waiting for Gorgo de Benjamin Craig, Cinemagine, 13mm
Fear Me Not de Malika Whitaker, 4 min08
A Morning Stroll de Grant Orchard, Studio AkA 6 min

Quart d’heure américain AMERICAN MOVIE :
Desert of The Real de Tal Shamir, 2 min 37, USA
The Shadowed Cry de Sam Bozzo, 4 min, USA
For Which it Stands de Sam Bozzo, 3 min, USA
Flat Love de Andrés Sanz, 15 min, la piscina, USA /Espagne
Faceless Neil de Noella Borie, 6 min, USA

Shadow of the Road by Yaniv Linton
Runtime: 13 minutes
Production: The Sam spiegel film & tv School
Country of production: Israel
Synopsis: Maurice walks back home, after many years of absence, but his shadow won’t let him be.

Cinderelleg by Sajad Shahedi
Runtime: 12 minutes
Production : autoproduciton
Country of production: Iran
Synopsis: A girl in red shoes is kidnapped. A woman in red high heels is being followed. Men in black are behind it. The story is told from the shoes’ perspective – we don’t get to see their faces.

Catharsis by Cédric Prévost
Runtime: 18 minutes
Production: Arts premiers
Country of production: France
Synopsis: An aspiring film director wakes suddenly to find a camera following his every move. He is trapped inside a film as it is being made. He struggles to escape. To get back to reality, to sanity, and to the girl he loves.

At Midnight Here, Everything stops by Just Philippot
Runtime : 7 minutes
Production : Affreux sales et méchants
Country of production: France
Synopsis: At the edge of a deserted secondary road, lost in the middle of the night, two commercial travellers wait for their bus. They observe each other, gauge and judge each other. But at midnight, everything is soon going to disappear. Nothing remains but a little light to share while waiting for the bus.

Grub by Annalise Wimmer
Runtime: 7 minutes 33
Production: Edinburgh collège of art
Country of production: United Kingdom
Synopsis: In a story of mistaken identity, a mother fly tries desperately to feed her child and succeeds… or so she thinks…

Lose This Child by Yuval and Merav Nathan
Runtime: 3 minutes
Production: autoproduction
Country of production: Israel
Synopsis: As the sun goes down over the ocean, the sand comes to life and takes on the forms of an entire mini eco-system of aquatic life. Sea turtles are born, eels emerge to pursue their prey and Mother Earth orchestrates it all.

Planet Z by Momoko Seto
Runtime: 9 minutes 30
Production: sacrebleu production
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Can the life of a species continue if it has nothing to feed on? In the future, when the uncontrolled industrialization and the excessive use of global resources will irreparably have altered the ecosystem, all the animal and vegetable species will be weakened, and, by a domino effect, the disappearance of some of them will entail the disappearance of other species up the food chain.

La Carta by Tamara Hernandez Ledesma
Runtime : 3 minutes
Country of production: Spain
Synopsis: A young woman sends letters every day. But why do that?

Le silence sous l’écorce ( The Silence beneath the Bark) by Joanna Lurie
Runtime: 11 minutes 08
Production: Lardux films
Country of production: France
Synopsis : In a huge forest covered with a big white coat, some funny small creatures discover snow, so white, so beautiful, so fascinating. It takes them in a whirlwind of drunkenness and enjoyment to a meeting of strange phenomena. A night-tale full of tenderness.

The Wolf Become a Shepherd by Rebecca Akoun
Runtime: 7 minutes 55
Production: Bezazel Academie of Art and design
Country of production: Israel
Synopsis : A wolf with human manners decides to go one step further and disguise himself as a shepherd. A films based on a fable of Jean de La Fontaine.

Masks by Jérôme Boulbès
Runtime: 7 minutes 35
Production: Lardux Films
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Two masks face each other under a multitude of disturbing glances. A signal is given, which begins a dance and a ritual fight.

Into Another World by Nicolas Fuchs
Runtime: 6 minutes
Production: Totally prod
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Johanne is lost at the turn of winding paths. The mysteries of a world she does not know then open before her. The temptation is too strong; she does not resist and plunges into it, body and soul.

Readymade: Émile Reynaud et la peinture s’anima by Stéphanie Varela
Runtime: 38 minutes
Production: autoproduction
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A girl dreams that she forgets her cuddly bear in a museum and that, years later, she finds it in the same museum, Beaubourg. In her night-race which leads her to the Museum Grévin, Zilia restores life in Emile Reynaud’s wax figure which she takes to the Centre Pompidou where their respective toys became oeuvres of art.

Shaango by François Rosi and Laurent Boge
Runtime: 3 minutes
Production: Epuar
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Ishan, a young educator working in the drums department discovers he is the reincarnation of an African god Shaango.

Hiver 45 ( Winter 1945 ) by Steve Duchesne
Runtime: 3 minutes
Production: Craft communication
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Paris 1945, a young woman desperately waits for her ‘fiancé’ to come home from the war. She reads and rereads the letters he sent her until he appears one winter evening.

Comma by Ata Moiabi
Runtime: 6 minutes
Production: IYCS
Country of production: Iran
Synopsis: A rainy day in a big city, a man tells his most memorable souvenirs.

Written in Pencil by Yaron Bar
Runtime: 8 minutes
Production: autopoduction
Country of production: Israel
Synopsis: A train journey slowly turns into a nightmare!

Between us by Sebastien Kotev
Runtime: 5 minutes
Country of production: France
Synopsis: This is a love story between a painter and his model. Plagued by loneliness he paints a love affair with her.

Glenn the Flying Robot by Marc Goldstein
Runtime: 88 minutes
Production: EndFragment
Country of production: Belgium
Synopsis: Glenn, 3948, follows Jack and Henry, two prodigious pianists with enormous egos, until the day Henry, after stealing Jack’s girl, breaks a few of Jack’s bones on a doorframe. This new disability plunges Jack into a deep depression, until the home automation toy, 3948, scheduled for housework, develops an unsuspected capacity for music. Jack finds the opportunity for revenge.

Metruk by Orkide Ünsür
Runtime: 12 min
Production: Orkide Ünsür
Country of production: Turquie
Synopsis: Condemned houses are like abandoned lovers that once shared good and bad moments. Now, because of abandonment and rejection they are left alone for self destruction. They are disappointed, upset and even proud. They’ll try to survive by resisting the passing of time. Yet if the lover comes back again one day, there is no possibility for living again together in the same house as it is. The house is now disconnected, worn by the weather and the aging of its stillness. The home has no more to offer as it once did.