Festival du Film Merveilleux 2012


Out-of-competition program “The US quarter hour” followed by the films in-competition: 2011 CalArts Character Animation Producer’s Show

Little Boat de Nelson Bales
Marooned 3 de Tom Law
Paraphernedia de Sabrina Cotugno
Sharkdog de Eric Anderson
My grandfather’s ship de Trevor John
Shell Out de Summee Dong
Origin de Jessica Poon
SHAPE de Eusong Lee
The Trackpad Jam de Jeff Liu
Brave de Jasmin Lai
Berdoo de Miranda Tacchia
GrandMugged de Jacob Streilein
We’ll be fine probably de Salm Kremers-Nedell
Hummigbirds and Hologram de Jeff Liu
Vampire Gastelbrau de Hannah Ayoubi
GIVE ME SPACE de Brian Carter
Bottom feeder Blues de Colin Howard
Blueberry de Gleen Williamson
The funny thing about Lois de Amélia Lorenz
Lemur de Takehiro Nishikawa
500 days of Winter de Natalie Wetzig
Eyrie de David Walter

Toy’s by Charles Balbont, Charly Dujardin and Ngoc-Nga Tong Yann Hortault, Jeremy Renard,
Quentin Ricard and Teddy Shroeder

Runtime: 4 minutes 03
Production: Isart Digital
Country of production: France
Synopsis: In a toy store, two children fight over the last of a popular toy… Who will emerge the winner of this confrontation?

Hasaki ya suda by Cédric Ido
Runtime: 24 minutes
Production: DACP Films
Country of production: France
Synopsis: It is 2100. In the world engulfed in chaos and war whose residents are consumed by terrible hunger, the last fertile land becomes the subject of fierce battles. Three warriors: noble Wurubenba, Shandaru, who wants to avenge his father’s death, and Kapkaru, hungry for power, will face one another in a fight for life and death.

L’enclume ( The anvil ) by Thierry Nevez
Runtime: 14 minutes 49
Production: ASM
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A little boy, on the evening of his tenth birthday, receives an anvil from his parents and never parts from it. This cumbersome present makes his life particularly difficult and prevents him doing what he wants, including approaching the one that he loves. But we are in a tale, and in a tale, everybody is entitled to a second chance.

Flejos y reflejos de Roberto Lopez
Runtime: 15 minutes 03
Production: Escandalo
Country of production: Spain
Synopsis: The truth on the other side of the mirror, or the history of Alberto who lost his reflection.

Thé et gaufrette (Tea and Wafers ) by Delphine Priet Mahéo
Runtime: 5 minutes 30
Production: JPL films
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Every week, Giselle prepares tea while waiting for her friend Mariette. The tea accompanies a card game of their own invention, skillfully designed by Giselle and cut from expropriation letters. This time, Giselle decides to trick Mariette by rigging the cards in advance. A game of trickery develops between the two friends, half voodoo, half blatant deceit. The girls, however, fail to count on a third and considerable opponent—reality.

Gamba trista by Francesco Filippi
Runtime: 8 minutes
Production: Studio Filippi, Animation
Country of production: Italy
Synopsis: I’ve always had strong arms. They have to be, when you’re born with legs without bones.

Demain c’est la fin du monde (Tomorrow is the end of the world) by Arthur Delaire and Quentin Reynaud
Runtime: 12 minutes 02
Production: Magali Film
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Tomorrow is the end of the world. Outside, chaos reigns. Frank, a radio personality, will continue to broadcast until the last moment, whatever may come. On the receiving end, Frank’s listeners are comforted in the midst of crisis. The hours pass, the tension rises and the end of the world approaches, inevitably. It’s time. Frank looks through the window. A great crash erupts.

Comme trois pommes (As 3 apples ) by Fabrice Robin
Runtime : 11 minutes 13
Production : La bise au chat
Country of production: France
Synopsis: When a man and a woman meet, it seems that everything takes place in seven seconds.

No ball game by Richard Pengelley
Runtime: 7 minutes
Production: Irresistible Films
Country of production: United Kingdom
Synopsis: A curious and mischievous child disobeys the rules and plays football against a forbidden wall. The ball bounces into a world where little boys like him are destined to go.

Voiceless by Alexandre Mermaz
Runtime: 16 minutes 32
Production: autoproduction
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Louis is happy…until Mélanie asks to marry him on the 5th anniversary of their relationship.

Albert by Csaba Bardos
Runtime: 42 secondes
Production: Artspoetica Animation ltd
Country of production: Hungary
Synopsis: Albert must find his wife’s cellphone. He has to look in her purse, and finally brings it to her…who is not exactly who she seems.

A shadow of blue by Carlos Lascano
Runtime : 12 minutes 7
Production : Les films du Cygne, Animation
Country of production: France and Spain
Synopsis: One autumn, in the central park of a gloomy city. In a fragile world of shadows and light trapped between reality and fantasy, a young girl upon a lonely park bench shares with us several visions of one reality.

They lived happily by Nicolas Fuchs
Runtime : 13 minutes
Production : La faim des Abricots
Country of production: France
Synopsis: When the Fairy Godmother can’t get any roles in Disney’s movies, she has to content himself with a social worker position. Ms. Godmother is in a tight spot, which she makes worse when her indulgences From the night before oblige her to find money fast for her creditors. A situation that seems impossible manage, trapped behind a desk job… until the unexpected visit of Prince Charming.

Sommeil paradoxal by Florentine Grelier
Runtime: 1 minute 53
Production: Florentine Grelier
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Reverie on film

Fabrica de Munecas by Ainhoa Menendez
Runtime : 11 minutes
Production : Jaime Bartolomé PC
Country of production: Spain
Synopsis: Anna works in a doll factory. Her entire life she revolves around the mechanical motions required to make the dolls. But a small change at work changes her life forever.

Crosbow by Tino Fernandez
Runtime: 17 minutes
Production : La Ilusion productiones and studio Krrusel
Country of production: Spain
Synopsis: Victor is a young comics collector whose life is lately suffering strange changes: restless dreams, work absences and alarm clocks that appear in unsuspected places. Victor does not know, but he is about to discover a message from the past that will change his life forever.

Second threshold by Loïc Nicoloff
Runtime : 19 minutes 14
Production : Tita production et Zoïc production
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Unhappy with forever mourning his past life, Pierre falls in a world at the border of ours, chased by a mute man with a permanently blissful smile.

Bench Seat by Anna Mastro
Runtime: 19 minutes
Production: Anna Mastro
Country of production: United States
Synopsis: Bench Seat is a classic love story—a brief moment in the life of a young couple on the verge of continuing, or ending, their relationship.

Citrouilles et vieilles dentelles (Pumpkin and Old Lace ) by Juliette Loubieres
Runtime: 8 minutes 46
Production: JPL Animation
Country of production: France and Canada
Synopsis: An advertisement photographer is forced to visit a retirement home for a good “grandpa’s head” For a poster. The old boarders, who believe they are participating in a big movie casting, are very quickly going to take him by surprise: brambles, huge pumpkins, snow and the other improper demonstrations invade the house. The photographer understands little by little that these retired people are only expressing their heroic roles from old and forgotten fairy tales.

The narrative of Victor Karloch by Kevin McTurk
Runtime: 15 minutes
Production: The Spirit Cabinet et Ibex films
Country of production: United States
Synopsis: In the Victorian era, Victor Karloch waging an unforgiving war against the ghosts.

Descandants by Heiko Van Der Scherm and Patrick Cunningham
Runtime : 14 minutes
Production :
Country of production: United States and Germany
Synopsis: The two main characters are flowers who grow on the edge of a clearing next to one another. One is old and jaded by a mysterious history – the other is still young, vivid and curious. Destiny has brought these two together and it seems as if they would exist without the possibility for change, until one day a visitor to the clearing brings something unexpected into their lives.

Frightened by Patricia Sourdes
Runtime: 4 minutes 50
Production: La Fabrique
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A young girl chased by her fears moves through life backwards. Even in her bedroom, she is confronted by her most intimate fears. She takes a step backwards at each new fear until they corner her, terrified and in tears. In the outside world, her handicap is a physical and emotional obstacle that prevents her from becoming close to others. But she will soon discover the will to overcome her ordeal.