Festival du Film Merveilleux 2015


The Jury 2015 composed of Cynthia Landon ( Film and TV Producer ), Christine Mazereau ( Media Desk France ), Rhonda Richford ( Hollywood Reporter ), Liam Engle ( Director ), Carlos Lascano ( Director ), Raphaël Nominé ( Cineaste.org ) awarded 5 prizes and a special mention The student prize was awarded by Amélie Rochette


Ambition de Tomek Baginski

Durée: 6 minutes 40

Production: Platige Image

Country of production: POLAND IRELAND

Synopsis anglais : On a remote planet a Master watches his Apprentice carryout tests with nanotechnology as she tries to prove herself worthy of advancement.

La valse Mécanique de Julien Dykmans

Runtime : 5 minutes 47

Production : 

Country : France

Synopsis : The Mechanical Waltz is a story of puppets living in a totalitarian world.They are destined to enact the same routine, controlled by their masters. But today is the day that frees them from the mechanical quotidian,and releases them into a beautiful waltz of freedom

Sundays de Misha Rozema

Durée: 14 minutes 50

Production: PostPanic Pictures

Pays de production: Mexique – Pays Bas

Synopsis anglais : The end of the world seems like a nightmare to Ben. A memory of a past life that doesn’t belong to him. When Ben starts to remember Isabelle, the only love he’s ever known, he realises she’s missing in his life. An existential descent into confusion and the desperate need to find out the truth begins. This reality depicts a stunning, surprising and dark world. A world that is clearly not his.

Lobster fra Diavolo d’Oriana Oppice

Durée : 

Production : Trinacria Pictures et Testa Dura Media

Pays de production : Etats Unis

Synopsis anglais : “Lobster fra Diavolo” pits 80-yr-old Nonna against a lobster. It’s the holidays and Nonna plans to serve the lobster as part of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Angela, Nonna’s granddaughter, is vegan and doesn’t approve of Nonna’s plans. For that matter, neither does the lobster…

Eva Legacy de Simon Frith

Durée : 10 minutes


Pays de production : UK

Synopsis anglais : When Eva decides to leave her family home to a children’s charity, a local news crew visit her to film a good news story. As the interview progresses, a dark secret from Eva’s past threatens to cast a shadow on her act of kindness. Eva’s Legacy is a character driven drama with the elements of a classic ghost story running through it.

Cassandra de Guy Roger Duvert

Durée : 15 minutes

Production : Lidderdalei Productions

Pays de production : USA

Synopsis anglais : Two thieves infiltrate a besieged medieval city, in order to retrieve an artifact. They thought they had nothing to loose. They were wrong…

Les Epicuriens de Marjorie Lhomme

Durée : 

Production : Gabriel films

Pays de production : France

Synopsis anglais : In a cafe, women and men are insulted to absurdity by others, audible but invisible, vulgar and hysterical, galvanized by their anonymity. The response will be poetic …

TwiceBorn de Matthew Byori Mann

Durée : 14 minutes 10

Production : Lakeview Productions et Seven Bullets Productions

Pays de production : USA

Synopsis anglais : Caught in a war between humans and vampires, Special Officer Michael Phoenix uncovers a conspiracy that forces him to question on which side should he fight.

Blank de Sébastien Berna

Durée : 30 minutes

Production : L’usine à films

Pays de production : France

Synopsis anglais : One night, Octave Miller, a failed novelist, dicovers a mysterious typewriter. He first seems to be blessed with a all new talent but his physical energy is absorbed by the typewriter. Will he finish his novel ?

Snake et Ladders de Sasha Balson

Durée: 6 minutes 25


Pays de production: Israël

Synopsis: it’s a graduation project in bezalel academy of arts and design. In this short film the director show the reality in fantasy way, All animation was made completly in cut out technic in adobe after effects.

Artificio Conceal de Ayoub Qanir

Durée: 18 minutes 

Production: Transient Film

Pays de production: USA

Synopsis anglais : Artificio Conceal is the story of a man who awakens in an Interpol interrogation room to find his mind ‘hacked’, his memories replaced and his identity lost. As the engineer of the world’s most precise Quantum Logic clock, he must discover who hacked his nervous system and stole the device responsible for time itself. His quest to identify the perpetrator leads him through time and space to a thrilling conclusion that even he could never have envisaged.

Imaginarium de Pedro Ressende

Durée: 7 minutes 30


Pays de production: UK – Portugal – France

Synopsis anglais : This is a short film about how the system kills creativity, setting a true statement about it by showing how powerful creativity can be!

True Skin de Stephan Zlotescu

Durée: 6 minutes 12

Production: N10N Production

Pays de production: USA

Synopsis anglais: A sci-fi short set in the not too distant future where augmentation is the way of life. For Kaye, still a natural, augmenting will help him keep pace in this now hyper-paced world. However, after acquiring an off-market prototype, Kaye quickly finds himself fighting not only for his own humanity, but something much larger.

Tales of Momentum and Inertia de Kirk Kelley

Durée: 1 minutes 10


Pays de production: USA

Synopsis anglais: Obsessed by a mysterious voice message, astronaut Meredith will face its paradoxical condition in order to stay connecter to his humanity.

Captcha d’Edward Tracy

Durée : 15 minutes

Production : Too Tall Production

Pays de production : UK

Synopsis en anglais In a ‘steam punked’ 1940s London, a long term ‘spike victim’ is injured, his implant failing. The spy who put it there has in the meantime fallen in love for real. She chooses to betray her mission and save her lover, but once he knows the truth about their deception, can he ever forgive her, let alone love her?

Modern Yokai Story de Laura Nasir Tamara

Durée: 2 minutes 45

Production: Film étudiant

Pays de production: France

 Synopsis anglais: Yokai: Supernatural Creature issue of Japanese folklore. Roommate: Made achieve a common location. You: Cordially invited to spend the evening.

Mr Dentonn d’Ivan Villamel 

Durée: 9 minutes


Pays de production: Espagne

Synopsis anglais: A cold winter night, Laura bed to his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a strange presence in the house. That’s it.

The boy in the oak de Luke Losey

Durée: 4 minutes

Production: Alcove Entertainment

Pays de production: UK

Synopsis anglais : Based on the fairy tale children’s book “The Boy in the Oak” Jessica Albarn. The story is told by Jude Law and original music composed by Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz ao)

Taupe de Léo Verrier 

Durée: 8 minutes 45

Production: Chez Eddy

Pays de production: France

Synopsis anglais : A bunch of gangsters are running away after they stealed a marvellous teasure. in the middle of a strange forest they are becoming well-Known legendary characters…

Aquarium de Benmio McCrea

Durée : 8 minutes 

Production : Crea8 productions

Pays de production : USA

Synopsis anglais : Aquarium” A couple drive to the beach to say their final goodbye — one does not return.

The predator of Transylvania de Julia Kolenakova

Durée : 6 minutes 25

Production: Film and television faculty of the Academy of fine arts in Bratislava

Pays de production 

Synopsis anglais : Kids are followed by a great wolf. They are trying to escape from large sharp fangs by climbing on a tree. The dawn comes and first rays of sun reveals, that nothing is, as it seems.
It is worth to mention the fact that the director Julia Kolenakova is deaf and the music was composed by visually impaired Ondrej Rosik.

Je suis un super héros de Samuel Giurana

Durée : 2 minutes 20

Production : le collectif Les parasites

Pays de production : France

Synopsis anglais : The last moments of a man of power before speaking.

Musical career : Story by Shel Silverstein, and Storyboard by Zahra Mohammadi

Durée : 3 minutes 26

Production : Auto-production

Pays de production : Iran

Synopsis anglais : Story is about a little girl who fancies to play a piano and her efforts to do it but finally she understands that she doesn`t feel like playing the piano anymore.

Dji death Sail de Dimitri Voloshin

Durée : 5 minutes 19

Production : Simpals Animation Studio

Pays de production : Moldavie

Synopsis anglais : Dji is a terribly unlucky death who doesn’t seem good at his job. This time he has to take the soul of a pirate stuck in the middle of the ocean, but that is easier said than done!

Klonox de Thomas Guerigen

Durée: 5 minutes

Production: Bagan film

Pays de production: France

Synopsis anglais:. In a strange world, an army of tanks relentlessly advance.

Dune de Thomas Guerigen

Durée : 3 minutes 50

Production : 

Pays de production : France

Synopsis anglais : Videoclip of the song “Sur la Dune” of Watine.

La lune et le loup de Toma Leroux et Patrick Delage

Durée: 13 minutes 25

Production: LELL Animation & Dwarf Labs

Pays de production: France

Synopsis anglais: Night time, a city sleeps, an empty kitchen, a microwave turned on, a baby’s bottle warming up and the cries of a hungry baby. Who will feed him?

Paralyzed d’Aaron Sims


Production: White Rock Lake Productions and The Aarons sims company

Pays de production: USA

Synopsis anglais: Sleep paralysis is a bizarre phenomenon in which victims awake and find they can’t move, and in many cases, they also sense that an evil presence is in the room with them. Many of those who have experienced this also report a frightening figure sitting on their chest, sometimes choking them. It is a world-wide phenomenon that has been documented since ancient times.

Such a handsome devil de Gasper Hafner

Durée : 4 minutes

Production : Sheepish Production

Pays de production : UK

Synopsis anglais : A young boy researching about his grandfather finds his disfigured picture on a medical website. He downloads a software than can reconstruct faces from fragments and the next morning proudly shows his grandmother his digital reconstruction.

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