Festival du Film Merveilleux 2017


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The 7 prizes were awarded this year by Gigi Ledron (actress), Helen Alexis Yonov (director and producer), Patrick Maus (Founder and General Delegate of ciné fac and Founder-Director of the Festival of New Cinema), Michael Terraz (Director), Marine Vellet (Junior Prize Jury) and Laure Maloisel (actress).

BEST MOVIE : Uncanny Valley de Frederico Heller, BEST ANIMATED MOVIE : My Life on Mars De Nolween Roberts, ANIMATION COUP DE COEUR : La licorne de Remy Durin, FICTION COUP DE COEUR : The Nostalgist de Giacomo Cimini, BEST MUSIC : La Cour avec la Musique de Benjamin H.Ford et Romain Montiel, un film de Estelle COSTEDOAT, Antoine ENGELS, Julien FRADIN, Florian GOURDIN, Pierre-Edouard MERIEN, Olivier ROYER, BEST SCRIPT : Si tu n’es pas là de Pierre Ferriere, SPECIAL PRICE : What the hell de Sophie Galibert, JUNIOR PRIZE: Le monde du petit monde de Fabrice Bracq


The Alchemist’s letter directed by Student Academy Award® finalist Carlos Andre Stevens.
Running Time : 14’
Production : Pixel Veil
Country of production : USA
Synopsis : A late alchemist exposes his estranged son to the truth surrounding his tumultuous life and the dark magic used to power a gold making machine.

SelfieCat directed by Elsa Divet, Geoffrey Assie & Émeline Bernard
Running time: 3’20
Production: Artfx
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A girl is the most popular person on a cat social media site but is dethroned. She will do anything to regain her title, but her cat has its own plans.

Silhouette directed by Bertrand Cazor
Running time : 14’
Production : La Terre Tourne Poison Communication Shoot me if you can Title Media
Country of production : France
Synopsis : After a violent accident, Laura, accompanied by her husband Damien, goes to convalesce in the family home deep in the heart of Domaine Beaumont. There, in this enclosed and secure zone, Damien, directed by his father-in-law, Alain Beaumont, carries out the firm’s research. While Laura attempts to put her life back together, Damien and Alain must cope with an ethics scandal which will increase the tension between them. Laura, isolated and locked up in this house in the middle of the woods, notices a silhouette lurking around the house. Imprisoned and threatened by this silhouette, Laura will reveal a dark family secret.

Si tu n’es pas la directed by Pierre Ferriere
Running time : 9’50
Production : Moi producteur
Country of production : France
Synopsis : Gilles is madly jealous. One night, Lucie, his girlfriend, cancels their date. He is convinced that she is having an affair. To be sure she is alone, he knocks at her door at midnight.

Elle directed by Vincent Toujas written by Giles Daoust
Running time: 17’
Production: Title media
Country of production: France
Synopsis : Maria and Jonathan meet after witnessing a car accident. Despite the immediate love at first sight, Jonathan will have to deal with a strange companion who has been invading Maria for too long: Her.

What the hell directed by Sophie Galibert
Running time: 4’15
Production: Buffalo corp
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A man and a woman, in the middle of the desert, disagree about what cinema is. Then they start to imagine and to tell a story…

Of men and Mice directed by Gonzague Legout
Running time: 20’50
Production: Fruits d’hommes production
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: While the town of Detroit is eroded by economic crisis, two armed robbers find themselves trapped by the police. They are far from imagining the outcome of the negotiations.

Real artists directed by Cameo Wood
Running time: 12’
Production: Charming stranger films
Country of production: USA
Synopsis: Sophia scores an interview at her dream job; the world famous animation studio, Semaphore. The chief creative officer and legendary designer, Anna Palladon, is interviewing her for the final interview. It comes to light that Sophia had fan-edited Semaphore’s blockbuster hit, Mythos, and had distributed it online to rave reviews. Initially Sophia is crushed and thinks that her chances to be hired are now ruined, until Palladon reveals that this was the sole reason Sophia was given the interview. After signing a draconian NDA, Sophia is shown into the creative heart of Semaphore Films, and the dark truth of the future of animation is revealed.

The little rainmaker directed by Florie Duhau
Running time: 1’10
Production: Florie Duhau
Country of production: France
Synopsis: When a little Rainmaker gets bored watering always the same flowers each day, she falls immediately in love with a little boy who appears in her life… But he doesn’t like the rain, at all! Love strikes people sometimes…

My life on mars directed by Nolween Roberts
Running time: 1’53
Production: Nolween Roberts
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Phil was born on Mars in 1949, and a whole part of the Earth population lives now on the red planet. He likes his way of life and is as happy as can be to share it with any audience, but like any other society made by humans, the life on this « new land » is far from being perfect.

E-life directed by MARIO DC CARBAJOSA & VIBHA D. M.
Running time: 12’45
Production: Mango Lassi production
Country of production: Spain
Synopsis: And if in the future e-Life could design your life … would you dare to try it?

Nebula directed by Camille ANDRE, Marion BULOT, Clément DORANLO, Myriam FOURATI, Jonghyun

Running time: 3’27
Production: Ecole les Gobelins
Country of production: France
Synopsis: a beautiful short story about a little girl who has a mysterious encounter in the mountains.

The darkness keeper directed by Rodrigo Atienzar
Running time: 18’
Production: Fundacion ECAM NIF
Country of production: Espagne
Synopsis: May is afraid of the dark and she has a plan to catch it. But she is forgetting a small detail: when night falls, darkness is everywhere.

The lost letter Directed by kealan O’Rourke and written by Will Collins
Running time: 7’54
Production: Trickshot Films
Country of production: Ireland
Synopsis: The Lost Letter tells the tale of a young boy as he prepares his neighbourhood for Christmas. That is until he confronts the one lady who doesn’t want the holiday to come at all. The determined boy does all he can to bring colour to her dreary world, only to discover the truth behind her lack of Christmas spirit.

Parasomnia directed by Laetitia Munsch & Alice Dumoutier & Laura Gimenez & Julie Ruffier &
Victorine Guery & Emanuele Asero
Running time:
Production: Lisaa school
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A man suffers from sleep paralysis.

The nostalgist directed by Giacomo Cimini
Running time : 17’42
Production: Wonder Room production
Country of production: UK
Synopsis: Somehow, an unforeseen malfunction in a man’s spectacles blurs the frail bounds between reality and parallel reality, allowing instances of a dark and dystopian future to seep into his world.

Strange beast directed by Magali Barbé
Running time : 5’20
Production: Red Knuckles
Country of production: UK
Synopsis: A sci-fi short about augmented reality. “Strange Beasts” is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own virtual pet. How far can it go?

La licorne directed by Remi Durin
Running time: 13’
Production: Les films du nord
Country of production: France
Synopsis: One day, a little king sees in the forest of his little kingdom, an extraordinary being, as white as snow and as fast as the wind.

The Box directed by Lancelot Mingau
Running time: 5’
Production: Du lac production
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: A night before christmas, front of the door à present as put here. When Alice open, she found a box of wish.

Cage directed by Xuzhu
Running time: 6’30
Production: Autoproduction
Country of production: China
Synopsis: It is the story of a man who lives alone and isolates himself from the rest of the world with the ability to create a mysterious energy field that blocks others. This is a story for the lonely

Le monde du petit Monde directed by Fabrice Bracq
Running time: 15’06
Production: Offshore
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A woman tells her baby a lovely story. Like a fairytale, full of princes and princesses, she dips into her memories in order to transmit them to her family.

In : sight directed by Kelly Bonin, Estelle Lagarde, Rafael Lopez Sanchez, Lola Rossi, Clément Sanna
Running time: 5’
Production: ARTfx
Country of production: France
Synopsis: In a world where memories can be digitally recorded and replayed, a young woman discovers her true origins by viewing her father’s memories.

Uncanny valley directed by Frederico Heller
Running time: 8’55
Production: 3dar
Country of production: USA – Argentine
Synopsis: A glimpse into a future where First Person Shooters have become a new drug for those disillusioned with society. The films examines the consequences of this on the global society.

La cour directed by Estelle COSTEDOAT, Antoine ENGELS, Julien FRADIN, Florian GOURDIN, PierreEdouard MERIEN, Olivier ROYER
Running time: 7’11
Production: ESMA
Country of production: France
Synopsis: A young bored man relives his past thanks to his new neighbor clumsiness.

Print your guy directed by Alwin Leene, Sarah Barry, Quentin Cornillon, Laura Gisselaire, Lucas
Scheurer et Thomas Sigaud.

Running time: 6’44
Production: Bellecour école 3D
Country of production: France
Synopsis: Pamela lives on her own in an apartment in Paris. One evening while watching a movie she sees a commercial for a company who claim they can print her perfect guy, by logging on at printyourguy.com. Very excited, she runs to her computer to order one, but when it arrives, she realises that the product doesn’t act as she was expecting.