Festival du Film Merveilleux 2018


Discover the Festival du Film Merveilleux 2018 ‘s programmation. The following Jury Guillaume Levil, Johanna Cohen, olfa hannachi, Christine Allen, Michael Terraz ( Réalisateur ) et Marine Vellet ( Jury Junior) awarded the following prizes.


El marionetista Directed by Carlos Lascano

Running time : 29’

Production : Carlos Lascano, Dreamlife Studios, Kiper Films

Country of production : Argentine – France- Epagne

Synopsis : Can love last forever? Sheltered in the darkness of his small puppet’s theater, Javier relives every day what was his most beautiful love story. One day, a mysterious character appears in his life, determined to take with him the most valuable thing Javier has.

Expire de Magali Magistry

Running time: 13’

Production: Caïmans Productions with the support of Audi Talents Awards, CNC, Région Bretagne, Département du Finistère, Arte France

Country of production: France

Synopsis: Smog, a toxic mist, has blanketed the planet and forces human beings to live confined indoors. But when you are fifteen years old, like Juliette, real life is outside.

Crossing directed by Morgan Dameron

Running time : 6’

Production : Alixzandra Dove Rothschild, Graham Beckett, Alisa Naso

Country of production : USA

Synopsis: Two friends’ adventure comes to a stop when one of them can’t find the courage to cross a deserted road.

L’auxiliare directed by Frédéric Plasman

Running time : 9’

Production : NAA Productions

Country of production: Belgique

Synopsis: Alone in front of her reflection in a collapsing world, she decides to end it all. But who is she and why?

Le botaniste directed by Natasha Ninni

Running time : 3’10

Production : Ecole Estienne

Country of production: France

Synopsis: A botanist gives lectures in a lecture hall and is deeply bored. Back home, he accidentally spills a cup of coffee and this inspires him to paint on his big white wall.

D/fault directed by Jory Bertrand, Nina Chlodnik, Amaury Rospars, Wilson Virassamy Sacri

Running time : 5’22

Production : ArtFX

Country of production: France

Synopsis: Diane, an android domestic worker seeks freedom from her boss’ tyranny.

Memo de Julien Becquer, Elena Dupressoir, Jules Durand, Viviane Guimaraes, Inès Scheiber

Running time : 4’40

Production : Ecole Les Gobelins, Seve Films

Country of production : France

Synopsis: Louis, retraité, veut à tout prix garder son indépendance face à la surprotection de sa fille Nina.

Ariana sky directed by Victor Jeanneret, Titouan Rumeyr, Roy Tarriaffe, Florian Mignet, Dorian Bougard, Amer Abourizk

Running time : 3’32

Production : ISART Digital Montréal

Country of production: Canada

Synopsis: Ariane is convinced of the imminent impact of an asteroid. Disowned by her boss, she decides to leave everything behind to protect the world… Will she succeed alone?

Sans mot dire directed by Quentin Lecocq

Running time : 9’50

Production : Adrien Pauchet, Karen Vernimmen

Country of production: France

Synopsis: Amber is a waitress in a bar where time seems to have stopped. Developing with a somewhat bizarre clientele, she keeps on dreaming about true love. 

L’hypothèse de la reine rouge directed by Florian Thomas

Running time : 17’

Production : Metronomic et Pelican,

Country of production: FRANCE

Synopsis : 20 years after Sherlock Holmes accidentally killed Arsene Lupin’s wife, the two legends will meet again in a museum, where Arsene is about to steal a mysterious book. Sherlock Holmes will warn him that one of the greatest crime master is back.

La fille accordéon directed by Anaïs Vachez

Running time : 3’42

Production : Frenchnerd Productions

Country of production: France

Synopsis : A young girl with an accordion body tries to escape from a castle in which she is held prisoner…

Booba concert hall de Leonid Rakhmanin

Running time: 4’10

Production : Studio d’animation 3D Sparrow

Country of production: Russia

Synopsis : Booba enters a concert hall, where he gets attracted by a conductor’s stick. But Loola the Rat grabs it first! Who will get the stick in the end?!

Trauma industrie directed by Jethro Massey

Running time : 13’

Production : Local films

Country of production: France

Synopsis : It’s a great day for Joseph. His family is taking him to the Smile-Rite® toy factory for his twelfth birthday and everyone knows that when a boy celebrate’s his twelfth birthday, it’s the moment he becomes a man.


Il Bacio directed by Adriano Candiago

Running time : 3’42

Production : Bigrock

Country of production: Italie

Synopsis : Two puppets acting out a play find a way to break free from their puppet master to be together.

Woodman directed by Mike Jackson

Running time : 16’36

Production :

Country of production : CANADA

Synopsis : A man made of wood and a woman with secrets connect online, sharing truths that break them out of the cages of lies that have imprisoned them.

Le plan directed by Pierre Teulières

Running time : 12’

Production : Insolence production

Country of production: France

Synopsis : In an isolated mansion, a creature follows the orders of his master in order to accomplish a shady plan that will change the world. Meanwhile, a desperate father is looking for his missing daughter.

The curiosity Show directed by Quentin simon Co-réalisateurs : Alexis Jouen, Magnolie Nanthavongdouangsy, Kévin Lourdel, Juliette Fremeaux, Hugo Rius

Running time : 4’41

Production : Pôle IIID – RECA

Country of production: FRANCE

Synopsis : Josh and Tim, two 12-year-old friends, go to the old mansion in town to play “reporter” with their Super 8 camera. Once they break in, the two kids discover a room worthy of a cabinet of curiosities…

Tweet Tweet directed by Zhanna Bekmambetova

Running time : 11’09

Production : Alexander Gorokhov

Country of production: Russia

Synopsis : Life is like walking on a tightrope. In times we are scared or lost we lose balance. When we are happy and excited, we forget we walk on a rope. We can even fly!

Galaxy girl directed by Richard Grover

Running time : 3’51

Production : Student Movie Digi Pen Institute of Technology, Andrea Calleja

Country of production: Etats-Unis

Synopsis : An aspiring comic book artist, stuck in her dead-end job at a pizza shop, receives unexpected inspiration for her comic during an unusual delivery.

SO.CI3.TY directed by Khris Burton

Running time : 27’

Production : Darers Films

Country of production: France ( Martinique )

Synopsis : J0.hn an emotionless and regulated citizen of THE CITY awakes on a deserted island where he have to embrace his own humanity to survive.

Drôle de poisson directed by Krishna Chandran A. Nair

Running time : 6’20

Production : Folimage studio et Nadasdy Film

Country of production: France

Synopsis : Somewhere in the middle of the ocean, a group of fish gather to help a goldfish floating on the surface.

Awakening de Jesus Soria

Durée : 6’20

Production :

Pays de production: Espagne

Synopsis : Un couple élégant dîne dans un restaurant moderne. Bien que tout semble aller sans à-coups d’abord, Evelyn s’ennuie et décide de changer partenaire. Ce qu’elle ne sait c’est que cette décision la forcera à confronter ses craintes intérieures.

12 Zloty de Yael Reisfeld et Nofar Scheitzer

Running time : 1’56

Production : auto production

Country of production : Israel

Synopsis : In a Polish deli, a tough, introverted butcher softens when a steady customer comes in and gets carried away with her to a herring scented fantasy.