Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire 2019

Festival du film merveilleux 2019 programmation

The Festival du Film Merveilleux 2019‘s jury is composed of Pierre Rasamoela ( Deputy General Manager, Orange Studio ), Younes Jama ( CNC, in charge of the short film mission ), Leslie Levi ( performer and new media director, ), Sabrina Suchdev ( producer Prodywood ) and Afaq AKHLAQ ( volunteer of the Festival 2019, young prize ).


Devotion by Philémon Salerno, Marc-André Perez, Agathe Le Marchand, Emeline Mateus, Flavien Garnier, Morgane Coville.
Length : 4’15
Production : LISAA, The Higher Institute of Applied Arts
Country of production : FRANCE
Synopsis: The journey of an art work until it is subject to the critics. In a foggy environment, stoned individuals emerge from earth, carrying giant books on their backs. They starts walking, going throught many obstacles, in order to finaly arrive in front of the Judgement.

I’ve just had a dream by Javi Navarro (original title: “Acabo de tener un sueño”)
Length: 7’25
Production: Javi Navarro
Country of production: SPAIN
Synopsis: Irene is eight years old and she has just woken up from a horrible dream

Passage by Vincent QUADRELLI
Running time: 13’27
Production: Brenos Films.
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: Tom, a 25 year old man, is on a train platform. Standing next to the edge, he considers
to jump when a train approaches. At the last moment, an old man named Jacques catches up with him and invites him to spend the day with and invites him to spend the day with him. Being with a big kid like Jacques will make Tom want to live again.
to live again. It might even give new meaning to his life….

Le portraitiste directed by Cyrus Neshvad
Running time: 15’41
Production: Cynefilms, Film Found Luxembourg
Country of production: LUXEMBOURG
Synopsis: A grandfather maintains a relationship with his dying granddaughter through his art.

Nouvelle cuisine (New cuisine ) by Manuel Reyes Halaby
Running time:
Production: Digital 104
Country of production: SPAIN
Synopsis: A chef who loves his job and enjoys the delicacies he cooks, prepares a very different menu for a particular group of customers. a very different menu for a particular group of customers.

Grön by Thibaud D’Orlandi
Length: 2’42
Production: LISAA
Country of production : FRANCE
Synopsis: A large multinational presents the last zoo on Earth: Grön. In this park, nature has been
In this park, nature has been recreated from scratch by scientists.

Family by Phil D Blake
Running time: 5’54
Production: A fiction Foundry Production, Birmingham City University
Country of production: UK
Synopsis: In a post-apocalyptic world, we discover two young siblings surviving in their dilapidated in their dilapidated house. But rather than return to what’s left of civilization, they seem determined to determined to do whatever it takes to keep their family together in the house.

Rise Pathfinder by Chloé Dumoulin, Clémentine Dudreuilh, Gabriel Sepulchre, Alexandre Fruitet, Mégane Nousse
Length : 9’10
Production : Georges Méliès School
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: In the 70’s, a team of scientists develops a robot whose main mission is to calculate the is to calculate the distance between the Earth and the end of the Universe.

Galaxy princess by Hugo Lemonnier
Length: 4’22
Production: Ecole Estienne
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: A little princess gets lost in space and tries to find her way back.

Moon drops by Yoram Ever-Hadani
Running time: 16 minutes
Production : Jiminy creative, Red production
Country of production: ISRAEL
Synopsis: A worker assembles an enigmatic machine that produces drops of liquid from moonlight. from the moonlight.

See the Shadows Straighten (Veuillez ne pas tenter d’ouvrir les portes) directed by Baptiste Martin-Bonnaire
Running time: 10’19
Production: GREC – Groupe de Recherches et d’Essais Cinématographiques
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: A train, immobilized, at night, in the countryside. An accident seems to have occurred. The passengers have been evacuated, the investigation is closed, and traffic is about to resume when a specialist arrives on the scene. He has fifteen minutes to reconstruct the circumstances of the accident and reach his own conclusion.

Thymesis by Jordan Caudron
Running time: 14’17
Production: 3IS
Country of production : FRANCE
Synopsis: In the near future, Alan relives his memories with a machine capable of simulating them. He discovers that he is able to modify them and tries to create a memory where he can live with his deceased wife Coline, thus avoiding the accident that caused her death.

The stroke by Morgane Polanski
Length : 9’31
Production: Incognita Films
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: A young man is trapped in his agoraphobic world. He is perfectly happy in his sterile world until an unexpected visitor comes to disturb him.

Zarae by Samy Seffadj, Tanguy Girard, Camille Maupoil & Mélanie Gatesblé
Length : 4’02
Production : New3dge game Art VFX
Country of production : FRANCE
Synopsis: A squad of soldier-scientists travels the world to find an element necessary for the survival of humanity.

Memory of Jade by Wenpei Song, Dong Lanyibo & Camille de Landtsheer
Length : 3’17
Production: ECV School of Visual Communication
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: A flutist meets a fugitive in a bamboo forest. They end up fighting and discover that they are linked by the story of a jade jewel.

Animaginaire by Robin Barrière
Running time : 5’36
Production: HappyGrumble productions
Country of production : FRANCE
Synopsis: Following a magic trick, a five years old boy meets an imaginary friend.

Balance by Raymond Limantara Sutisna, Liao Zhibin, Tracy Quek Kai Ning
Running time: 3’36
Production: Nanyang technology University ADM school of art design and media
Country of production : SINGAPORE
Synopsis: Balance is a 2D animated short film about a boy and a girl who are fighting to paint the space, all to paint the space, both refusing to give in until the mess they create becomes out of control. They then realize that the only way out is to work togetherand fight for coexistence.

Le petit monstre (The little monster ) by Anaïs Vachez
Running time : 21’03
Production : EndemolShine Beyond, Frenchnerd productions and France Télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures.
Country of production : FRANCE
Synopsis: Léo, a young delivery man working for Véli Rest’o, falls under the spell of Emmy, a mysterious young woman
mysterious young woman who lives in her apartment. When he finally gets his first date with her, he discovers her secret: she shares her life with a strange creature. When he sees her seeing her, Léo is afraid, but Emmy reassures him: the Little Monster is not evil, he has always been there for her. Touched by her speech, Léo agrees to return. Their life as a threesome then begins. If Emmy is happy about this cohabitation, Leo is on his guard. In appearance, the Little Monster does everything possible
to get rid of him and keep Emmy all to himself.

Chioma by Paul Dzioba
Running time: 8′.
Production: Tim Lopers
Country of production: Canada
Synopsis: Keve is a divorced scientist who is unable to escape the haunting thoughts of his failed marriage to Elsa. The year is 2074, and advances in virtual reality have allowed Essence Software to create Chioma, a Essence Software to create Chioma, a game that simulates memories to create a tangible and therapeutic VR experience where users can reimagine the past as they wish. Elsa was back into Keve’s unconventional existence, but will he nurture her artificial return or succumb to his own sinister desires?

Like by Hiddes de Vries
Running time: 20’18
Production: Tewell Gewargis, Randy Kulina, Michael Mason, Auriel Jimenez
Country of production: NETHERLANDS
Synopsis: Doug suddenly finds himself metaphysically trapped in the cover photo of his and Facebook page and must acquire a million likes to escape.

The passage of Clément and Pierre Labarre
Running time : 10 minutes
Production : ESRA – self production
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: This short film between realism and fantasy features a young man and an old man moving on a canal in the middle of the night on board a boat. As they approach a huge building, they have an encounter building, they are going to make an encounter as strange as unexpected which is going to project them at the border of space and time.

Bug by Cédric Prévost
Running time: 10’12
Production: Arts premiers, with the participation of France 3
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: Guillaume, a computer scientist in his thirties with a complex, lives through his computer screen
a fantasized affair with a famous actress. After discovering that she is no longer single, he suddenly finds himself
suddenly finds himself gifted with the power to act on reality as on his PC, and takes advantage of it to
to dispose of his idol as a computer program.

Jericho by Sarah Andrews
Running time: 1’39
Production: Matt Wight
Country of production: UK
Synopsis: A lonely robot decides to try to build himself a mechanical friend.

Mr Eole by Manon Goliot, Louise Trollé, Emeric Penninck
Length: 4’17
Production: ECV
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: Mr. Eole, a machinist, controls time in a world where everything is artificial. But one day, his well-oiled mechanism will be broken under the weight of reality.

In the moon by Jimmy Betry, Claire Letord , Yingxue Li , Hugo Louiset , Colombine Majou , Léa
Pietrzyk , Marie de Ségogne & Antoine Testu

Length : 3’46
Production: LISAA, The Higher Institute of Applied Arts
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: Ernest has always been a bit moody. But nowadays, this retired astronaut can’t remember anything, not even remember anything, not even Olive, his granddaughter. Very sad to see her grandfather like this, she takes a trip into the she takes a trip into the old man’s mind, hoping to find him again.

Thermosta 6 by Maya Av-Ron, Mylène Cominotti, Marion Coudert & Sixtine Dano
Length : 4’48
Production: Les gobelins
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: Diane can no longer pretend not to see the leak that flows over the family dinner table… family meal…

Caldeira by Julie Bousquet, Estelle Hocquet, Catherine Manesse
Running time : 5’58
Production: Les gobelins
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: Having always lived in the shadow of her brilliant vulcanologist sister, Ines decides to join a scientific expedition to conquer a volcano as an act of bravado.

Aripi by Dmitri Voloshin
Running time: 7 minutes
Production: Simpals
Country of production: MOLDAVIA
Synopsis:. This is the story of an astronaut who, as a child, dreamed of flying and being free. And now he seems to be seems to fly in the sky, but he is locked in the capsule of a spaceship. One day, some problems lead to bigger ones, causing the loss of control of the spaceship and its collapse spacecraft and its collapse on Earth, causing the ship to lose control and fall to
Earth. And now the astronaut will once again spread the wings of his dreams and return to childhood.

Beyond horizon by Stefan Wink
Running time: 12’46
Production: Northem Film School
Country of production: UK
Synopsis: In search of the independence of adulthood, the young girl Alex discovers a miniature model city with sinister powers. A new reality presents itself. Can Alex escape or will she be will she be trapped forever among the featureless faces of the city’s plastic people? Beyond Horizon is a visually arresting story of magical realism that will draw the viewer into an experience of
viewer into an experience of childhood wonder, mystery and horror.

La louve directed by Virgine Khan
Running time: 10’26
Production: La fabrique de la danse, Aldabra Films, Mycènes, Chaocorp Distribution
Country of production: FRANCE
Synopsis: A young sleeping woman mysteriously appears in the middle of a clearing populated by marauding wolves.
marauding wolves. She has a strange dream that leads her to the heart of a marvelous forest in which a cello
in which a cello is playing and which attracts her irresistibly. But as she tries to approach it, the cello and the
cello and the young woman’s body are gradually covered with a strange bark-colored film.
of bark.

Bacchus by Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta
Running time: 5’08
Production: The Animation Workshop/VIA University College in Viborg
Country of production: DENMARK
Synopsis: Alex, a young woman, is getting more and more tired of adult life. Her daily routine is limited by limited by the norms and expectations of the modern world, and social media has replaced human human interaction. One day, she sees Bacchus, a charismatic and sensual figure, who takes her into a colorful world, in total contradiction with her reality. In this mysterious place, you are free to follow to follow your instinct and explore your deepest desires.

Kaleidoscope Program: Screenings and school workshops:

The Festival du Film Merveilleux is a partner of the Davout elementary school and we have welcome 4
of its classes. The screenings and workshops are animated by two start-ups and one association.

Botaki, the game that connects children to nature
Workshop: I garden with Botaki. Botaki will plant his magic seeds and his good mood! On the program: Introduction to gardening to build a sensitive link with the earth. and Test of the game Botaki, to raise awareness of the issues of “better eating” and respect for the planet. At the end of the workshop, each child leaves with his or her own seedling.

Animated Editions
Editions Animées has created the Cahier de Dessin Animé, a coloring book that turns into a cartoon with the with the free BlinkBook application. How does it work? 1- I color, 2- I take a picture, 3-Magic, it comes to life! The best part: the child takes a selfie and records his voice to become an actor in his own cartoon. The workshop, led by Editions Animées, will end with the projection of the book colored by the kids.

The Climate Fresco
The Climate Fresco is an association under the French law of 1901 created in December 2018. It aims to bring together the leaders of the game of the same name, a fun, participatory and creative workshop aiming to better understand climate change. The game is based on collective intelligence and lasts 3 hours.
The Climate Fresco workshops: La Fresque du Climat” is a fun, participatory and creative workshop on climate change. It is based on based on collective intelligence. The Climate Fresco is a 3-hour initiation, addressed to both novices as well as connoisseurs, on the functioning of the climate and the consequences of its consequences of its disruption.