JURY 2015

Cynthia Landon, Christine Mazereau, Rhonda Richford, Liam Engle, Carlos Lascano, Raphaël Nominé, Amélie Rochette


After a master’s degree in media management from the University of Paris Dauphine and a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Paris XII, Christine Mazereau worked for several years in television and radio production before joining the CNC as a project manager in various departments of the Audiovisual Directorate. Since January 2000, she has been working for the French information office of the Europe Créative France program, first as a project manager and then as information manager. It is in this capacity that she created the weekly newsletter e-MEDIA. At the same time, she also worked as a journalist for various newspapers and magazines and as a trainer in several organizations and universities.


Rhonda Richford is a Paris-based journalist, editor and writer. She has held staff positions at InStyle and The Hollywood Reporter, and has contributed to other fashion and entertainment titles including Women’s Wear Daily, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, Billboard, and Vogue Australia.

Rhonda has an extensive background in fashion, entertainment business, celebrity/talent profiles, executive interviews and news at weekly and monthly magazines. While working in print/publishing, she managed freelancers, editorial calendars, booked several pages monthly, worked with photographers and art directors, covering Hollywood, events, home, decor and beauty editorial packages.

On the web side, she covered breaking news, curated and aggregated stories from the wires, content and copy edited, and made fast-paced editorial decisions while working virtually with a team from around the globe.

In addition to editorial, Rhonda has written copy and content for fashion and beauty brands, as well as products in the wellness space. She is experienced in researching and directing Fashion and Beauty Content management, maintaining relationships with celebrity and editorial stylists, makeup artists, agents and agencies, PR professionals in the apparel, accessories and luxury sectors. She has additional experience in Trend Analysis, Site Development, Social Media and PR.

On a volunteer basis, she has worked on several projects in the sustainable fashion space, including with the UN Fashion Alliance and Fashion for Conservation, and it remains a cause close to her heart.


Carlos has achieved international recognition for his storytelling abilities: his most famous short films have collected altogether over 20 million views on the Internet, and garnered hundreds of selections and awards worldwide.

Even though his work alternates between commercial and narrative projects, his signature is always present. In the past few years, Carlos has merged together all his different forms of expression, creating a unique aesthetic universe.

Within his extensive résumé, a Goya Awards nomination, a pre-selection to the Academy Awards, and hundreds of international prizes are to be counted, as well as a participation as a jury -presided by David Lynch- in the Animation Category of Vimeo’s First Festival+Awards, held in New York in 2010.​

In 2011, Carlos was chosen by Amnesty International to write, coproduce and direct the official spot for their 50th anniversary, project in which he worked alongside Oscar winner Hans Zimmer and nominated Lorne Balfe. Later that year, the Coca Cola company summoned Carlos to direct the official animated commercial spot the brand presented at the 2012 Eurocup.

His short film, “Lila” features one of his most charming characters yet, and its style of live action combined with animation is executed in an original and innovative way allowing his narrative and heartfelt storytelling style to blossom.

His latest work, “The Puppeteer” won as Best International Short film” at GSFF in New Jersey in 2018.

Owner of a very personal style, his mixing of digital tools and real objects brought a new organic aesthetic concept to animation.


Liam Engle was born in Aix-en-Provence in 1981. After studying cinema at the University of Provence, where he directed several short films, he moved to Paris, where he directed three short films: Le Portail (Grand Prix of the Festival du film merveilleux in 2010), Lose Actually, and finally the fantasy comedy Mecs Meufs, also selected at the festival in 2013. He is currently working on feature film projects.


A polyglot with a passion for science, literature and philosophy, Raphaël Nominé studied from 1995 to 1998 the practice and theory of cinema with Jean-François Tarnovski. Eager to master all domains, his experimental and perfectionist approach led him to work as a studio sound engineer, photographer and retoucher for fashion and advertising, compositing and digital color grading (documentary, fiction and advertising), film editing, script doctoring, post-production management, multi-media production with Deuxième Lune and television with MCM. In 2010 he founded the company Nomine Films for the international representation of distribution rights. The same year, he took over the organization of the Diners De Garance. He will promote the transmission and the interprofessional exchange through public discussions with great personalities of the different cinema professions. As a discoverer and mediator, he observes with acuity the artistic, technical and industrial evolutions of modern cinema.


Independent TV and Film producer working in Los Angeles and throughout Europe . Cynthia has been working in the creative and business side of the entertainment industry, her international experience has led her to projects that are cultivated throughout all corners of the world.

Cynthia started her career in front of the camera as a news reporter, but her passion for creativity saw her quickly move to the other side of the lens. Her desire to fully understand the demands of content-making led her to roles in both the creative and business side of the industry.

In her journey Cynthia gained knowledge in international distribution, development, financing, budget management and marketing; along with national and international sales acumen.

Cynthia has also developed an unquenchable thirst for the creative side of the industry, as she produced and directed various projects, which include: TV series, short films, documentaries, web series, music videos and commercials. While also serving as a Creative Directress for multiple marketing campaigns and editorial projects.

Throughout her career, Cynthia has also passionately sought out roles that focus on empowering women and supporting independent filmmakers. Her diverse industry background has given her the understanding and drive to connect with, support and encourage other creative artists.

In 2009, Cynthia joined forces with several female executives, agents and actresses to create the Women In Entertainment Organization (WIE Org), a global association that promotes, informs and unites women working in the entertainment industry with branches in the US, Mexico, Canada and the UK and throughout Europe.