JURY 2018

2018: Olfa Hannachi-Benarezki, Maud Clavier, Cédrick Léger, Guillaume, Levil, Johanna Cohen, Christine Allen, Abel Ferry


After working for 7 years at Films 13, Claude Lelouch’s production company, the passion for cinema has never left Olfa.

As an administrator of audiovisual and cultural projects, she organizes screenings, events, concerts and shows to meet the needs of many artists.

In charge of CINE FAC for many years, she is in charge of fundraising and development of partnerships, such as the Wonderful Film Festival.

CINE FAC organizes every year the Festival of New Cinemas which is the 14th edition this year and will take place from June 15 to 24, 2018. This festival of short films whose general delegate is Patrick Maus and aims to promote digital cinema and offers a selection of short films as well as a day that will be dedicated to virtual reality.

As a real cultural action enthusiast and wishing to support causes she is also treasurer in an association called Orphélya which works for the transplidinarity of knowledge in favor of disability and culture.


With a strong background in the audiovisual industry, he was the youngest producer of an adaptation of a short story by Stephen KING in 2003. Then he devoted himself to television, producing entertainment programs. Since 2008, he has been interested in 360° photography, then in 2015, in 360° video by producing two films “The last hero” and “Immobile”.


After three years at the head of Clap & Zap, a virtual reality and 360° video content creation company, she acquired skills in project management including immersive media, business management and storytelling. Having participated in numerous events on new technologies, she has notably trained to understand the workflow concerning augmented reality, hologram creation and artificial intelligence.


Guillaume Levil has written and directed a few short films that have traveled throughout France and abroad, as well as a feature film released in theaters in April 2014: Une lettre ne s’écrit pas. Among the shorts, he directed Un tour de cheville and écrit Fils, which have received 90 and 150 festival selections respectively.

Born in Provence, he likes to shoot in the south to catch his light of inspiration, on lands of stories and legends. Thus, a follower of the works of Capra and Pagnol, Guillaume Levil delivers his images in the manner of a tale, not to escape reality but to celebrate it differently.

More precisely, his first “movie shocks” were Pagnol’s The Baker’s Wife and Beethoven (the movie with the dog): the first because it is beautiful and the second because Guillaume, then in 6th grade, realized that he could write several alternative endings to this incredible movie – and therefore why not another movie altogether.


Johanna Cohen is a casting assistant and director. She is also a food blogger for the Parisian blog Fille de Paname, and she is passionate about everything related to human relations: from directing actors, to blogging, to her associative commitments with Afev, a popular education association.


Born in Haute-Savoie, Abel Ferry began his career directing short films that won awards in numerous French and international festivals. This recognition allowed him to direct several sketches for the Guignols de l’Info for Canal+ as well as many advertising films for France and abroad.

With “VERTIGE”, he directed his first feature film, an action-adventure film produced and distributed by Gaumont.He continued his career in entertainment cinema with ” PIEGE BLANC “, a TV movie made without a double at 2500m altitude, produced by Banijay-Zodiak for France Télévisions. Today, he is working on his next feature film, ” Une Vraie Famille “, adapted from the novel by Valentin Musso.