JURY 2021

Discover the jury of the 11th edition of the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire. Cédrick Léger, Sylvie Dimet, Andjï Russo, Lancelot Mingau, Carole Mermoud

ANDJI RUSSO – Actress/Comedienne Dubbing/CreatureMocap and Stunt

French actress living in Canada and Quebec for several years, Angiefactory aka Angie Russo evolves on various mediums since her childhood and currently works as an actress in French (UDA French speaking member) and in English (ACTRA Anglophone Member) on different projects in Montreal, Toronto and begins to develop hers services for Vancouver for the near future.

She has worked for the Disney Company, The 20th Century Fox (Quebec) Marvel, Disney + to name a few and other French/ European TV channels and voice studios… Her company, Angiefactory is developing a full service adapted for the film industry and video games industry with a pack including acting, in French and English, motion capture, performance capture in English, stunt and voice recordings in French for the Canadian and Quebec market.

Angiefactory is developing a full service adapted to the cinema industry and video games. The first notable project is the creation of BIONIC MAGIC ARMS to offer a prestation for all kind of quadrupedal creatures for features and video games The full service would be offer an acting pack in French and English, a performance capture or a P-cap acting skills in English and a dubbing and voice acting in French. Depending the project, also including some stunts for the Canadian and Quebec market.


Cédrick LEGER is a producer/director of classic and VR films and event creator. He works on everything that concerns images, whether they are still or animated. Producer of one of the first French adaptations of a Stephen King short story in France, whose rights were held by Frank DARABONT, he continues his career as a producer and director in the world of television. Since 2014, he is one of the producers of immersive films in 360° images.


Raised by a mother who is a theater director and actress and a father who is a music producer, Lancelot Mingau has been immersed in the artistic world since his early childhood.

Wishing to become an actor from a very young age, Lancelot Mingau obtained a role in the film “La robe du soir” by Myriam Aziza at the age of fourteen. It was during this shooting that Lancelot fell in love with the director’s profession and wanted to become a director. Just after this first experience, “vidéo Futur”, a Parisian video store franchise, employed Lancelot Mingau as a salesman. It was at this time that Lancelot nourished his cinematographic culture by discovering all kinds of films. Thanks to this job, Lancelot Mingau was able to acquire Mini Dv video equipment to shoot his first short films.

Not having studied cinema, Lancelot Mingau realized a first professional project entitled “Destins croisés” on the occasion of a contest on the end of the world, organized by the channel Arte. In 2012, Lancelot then began producing and directing his first short film, entitled “Live on”, a film about television voyeurism with the participation of the actor “Bernard le Coq”.

Since the realization of his first projects, Lancelot Mingau has always wanted to be a self-taught director who feeds himself thanks to the different experiences he had on film sets. He then works from 2015 on the development of his second project entitled “a Silence”. A much more ambitious film, “The Symphony Orchestra of the XXth district”, “Radio France” and the “Guimet Museum” are closely involved in the production of the film.

Wishing to offer a unique evening around classical music, Lancelot Mingau formalized an exclusive partnership with the management of UGC in order to organize a unique screening for the film “Un Silence”. The symphony orchestra of the film then came to give an exceptional performance in the cinema before the screening of the film at “Ugc Ciné Cité Paris 19”.

Afterwards, Lancelot Mingau was in charge of the realization of a musical clip for the pianist ” Nicolas Horvath “. For the needs of the project then in collaboration with ” Angenieux ” the team is entrusted with the creation of exclusive images of the prototype, ” 44-440 A2S Anamorphic ” from ” Angenieux “. The images were screened at Carnegie Hall in New York as well as at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 during the Angenieux award ceremony.

Since 2018, Lancelot has been working on the development of his first feature film produced for the cinema, a psychological thriller in the hospital world. The same year, ” Warner music groupe ” and the label ” Skin “, get in touch with Lancelot Mingau, for the realization of the first video clip of ” Faby Perier ” entitled ” Mademoiselle ” broadcasted on television the same year.

At the end of 2019, Lancelot Mingau, writes, produces and directs ” Inside ” a psychological thriller in camera about the madness of a man believing he has insects living under his skin. The film is based on a real pathology which is the Ekbom syndrome. The screening of the film is organized at UGC but for the first time during a screening open to all public on the night of Halloween

Today, Lancelot Mingau is working on the development and preparation of his first feature film as well as on other projects for cinema and television.


Sparkling, benevolent, hard-working, generous, Carole is often described as sweet and funny. A little offbeat, girl next door, maternal. Carole Mermoud speaks English, German and Greek. She is comfortable in many sports including dance, basketball, soccer, stage combat.

SYLVIE DIMET Founder of Festival international du Film d’animation de Paris ( PIAFF)

Sylvie DIMET After studying Applied Arts participates in several art events, giving the works (oil paint, acrylic and ink)

• – Salon des Artistes Independants at the Grand Palais, Paris

• – The Painters in the street, and UDAC Gallery, Paris (several times received the audience award)

• – Exhibition of Artists to the 20th City Hall

• – Open Workshops for Artists of Ménilmontant, Paris.

Passionate about graphic and plastic arts, earth, silk painting and having the taste of the relational, she’s planning to open a place in order to share her passions with the people of her district.

Initially she created her worksho ” Graine d’Art” which opened in 1997. Various activities are offered to children, adolescents and adults. Visual arts, silk painting, drawing, earth, painting, Japanese calligraphy, calligraphy Latin …

Then the inevitable happened …. In 2007, Sylvie sets up introductory courses in short animated film for children and teens. The association Croq’Anime just see the day …

June 2008, the first “Festival Croq’Anime”of short animated film is born.