Jury Biography – Guillaume Levil

Come and meet Guillaume Levil, one of the jury of the 13th Edition of Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire.

Guillaume Levil

Guillaume Levil has written and directed documentary and fiction films that have traveled throughout France and abroad. Among the documentaries, The Trousers Issue has been widely broadcast on television and followed by the media. Among short fiction films, Guillaume Levil directed Running Naked in the Universe and co-wrote The Red Suitcase – the 1st having been broadcast on France3 and OCS, and the 2d nominated at the 2023 Oscars.

A fan of Capra and Pagnol, he grew up between Provence and Reunion, and likes to shoot stories in the province, often about childhood and injustice. His subjects are rooted in reality, but evoked in a poetic or indirect way through comedy or genre.

More specifically, his first “cinema shocks” were Pagnol’s La Femme du boulanger and Beethoven (the film with the dog): the former because it’s magnificent, and the latter because Guillaume, then in 6th grade, realized he could write several alternative endings to this incredible film – and why not another whole film, perhaps.

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