Jury Biography – Sabrina Aliane

Come and meet Sabrina Aliane, one of the jury of the 13th Edition of Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire.

Sabrina Aliane

Sabrina Aliane, Actress – Stage Director

For the past fifteen years, Sabrina has acted in a number of classic plays and has been involved in contemporary, committed shows such as “Sex Traffic Circus” by Laurent Maurel, “Les Démineuses” by Milka Assaf and, soon, “Le dernier Syrien” by Malena Perrot.

She has also appeared on television in a number of series, including “Engrenages” and “Baron noir”, broadcast on Canal+, and unitaries such as “Meurtres à Sarlat” for France 3. She has also appeared on Netflix in the series Osmosis.

Sabrina made her film debut in Naël Marandin’s “La marcheuse”, Robin Campillo’s “120 battements par minute” and Erick Zonca’s “Fleuve noir”. She will be appearing in Alexandre Charlot and Franck Magnier’s next feature film, tentatively entitled “Kholop – Son of a Rich”.

At the same time, she co-wrote and directed “Mr Crado et Miss Nature”, an ecological show for young audiences, which is being adapted for Christmas. She also made a number of short films and shot “Parole d’enfant”, a mini ecological documentary.

© Paul Lapierre