Kaleidoscope 2016

Kaleidoscope 2016 Edition

Classes of CM1 and CM2 enjoyed the screening of Lydia Tassier’s documentary film, “Sur la Terre des Gorilles”. This documentary, produced by Owendo prod, takes the viewer on a journey to the heart of the Gabonese forest.

On Friday, July 1st, the smallest classes of these schools will be able to attend the screening of the series: “Les énergivores”, a web series on energy management produced by Canopée académie de Besançon, in collaboration with the AJENA association from Lons-le-Saunier.

The children of the partner schools prepared a series of drawings on sustainable development and the planet Earth. The drawings were exhibited to the general public during the 3 days of the Festival. The classes were able to observe their work and that of their friends following the projections.

On the Lands of the Gorillas by Lydia Tassier
Summary: A journey into the depths of the Gabonese forest, on the tracks of the gorillas. Meet Juan Salvador, primatologist and great ape enthusiast, and discover his innovative study of the lowland gorilla in its natural element. Experience his daily life in this rudimentary camp, where stinging ants, snakes, monkeys, and sometimes even elephants venture! Follow his trackers as they search for the smallest clues to the gorillas’ way of life: crushed leaves, tainted fruit, footprints and excrement. Sweat with the whole team during the long walks in the rainforest!

George Nivoix’s “Les énergivores
Summary: Vacuum cleaner, smartphone, 4×4: the energivOres are our daily slaves, interchangeable and apparently mute. But as soon as we turn our backs…