Kaleidoscope 2017

Kaleidoscope 2017 Edition

The kids of the schools attended a projection of short animated films of 45 minutes, during the first morning of the Festival on the theme of the sensitization to the richness and beauties of the planet.

After the screening, a meeting with the company La Grange aux Monstres, an animation film production company, Sarah Mallet and Franck Galand shared with our young spectators the secrets of making an animated film.

The Mandibles 20×5′ – Comedy – Kids – 2D

Paul, a zombie child, moves in with his parents in an ordinary suburban neighborhood. Unfortunately for the little family of the living dead, living among humans is going to prove more difficult than expected.

THE LIGHT OF THE SKY 10×26′ – Science-Fiction – Family – 2D

Every night, at the top of her father’s lighthouse, Emma tirelessly searches for aliens. Until the day when Axo, a small aquatic alien crashes in a nearby forest. He is fleeing his planet, which has been ravaged by the Korbs, an army of fearsome warriors who move from planet to planet in search of water. The Korbs have followed Axo’s trail and are heading dangerously towards Earth. Emma must face the enemy threat while protecting her new friend.