Kaleidoscope 2019

Kaleidoscope 2019 Edition

Children were invited to participate in different workshops, a way to raise awareness while having fun. Botaki, the game that connects children to nature. Workshop: I garden with Botaki

Botaki will plant its magic seeds and its good mood!

On the program:

  • Introduction to gardening to build a sensitive connection with the earth.
  • Test of the Botaki game, to raise awareness of the issues of “better eating” and respect for the planet.

At the end of the workshop, each child leaves with his or her own seedling.

BOTAKI MISSION : Connecting kids to nature, with a cool and committed brand, for kids and for the planet!


The Animated Editions
Editions Animées has created the Cahier de Dessin Animé, a coloring book that turns into a cartoon with the free BlinkBook application.

How does it work? 1- I color, 2- I take a picture, 3-Magic, it comes to life!
The best part: the child takes a selfie and records his voice to become an actor in his own cartoon.

The workshop, led by les Editions Animées, will end with the projection of the book colored by the students.



The Climate Fresco
La Fresque du Climat is an association under the law of 1901 created in December 2018.

It aims to bring together facilitators of the game of the same name, a fun, participatory and creative workshop aimed at better understanding climate change. The game is based on collective intelligence and lasts 3 hours.

Given the growing success of the game in recent years (500 facilitators trained and 5,000 people having participated in a fresco), the association was recently created with the ambitious goal of raising awareness of 1,000,000 people in the next 5 years with this tool! And things are going well, since the decentralized organization and the increased competence of the participants and facilitators are developing solid ramifications and deep roots at a time when the climate movement is growing, in France as well as internationally, and taking root.

The Climate Fresco workshops

The proposed steps are as follows: participate in a Climate Fresco workshop > train in animation > animate frescoes.
The “Climate Fresco” is a fun, participative and creative workshop on climate change. It is based on collective intelligence and is extremely educational.
The Climate Fresco is a 3-hour introduction to the functioning of the climate and the consequences of its disruption, aimed at both novices and connoisseurs.