Mentoring Program

Our actions aim to strengthen the freedom and capacity of young women to undertake a professional adventure in the film and creative industry.

The mentoring program started informally and spontaneously during our actions at the Cannes Film Festival. We accompanied and challenged the volunteers of the Festival du Film Merveilleux who were invited to participate in the Cannes festival with us. The opportunity for them to find their voice and grow as future professionals.

This year we want to give another dimension to this program by opening it to a wider range of participants.

Starting in 2023, we will kick off the new mentoring program with a series of digital masterclasses to inform our community and audiences about mentoring opportunities.

Then, we will accompany our participant on their creative journey and engage an entire ecosystem, theirs communities and our partners to build bridges to an industry that is not always easy to access. We help them to develop entrepreneurial skills, as we believe entrepreneurship is an essential step for a successful path.

We are starting the program with a female focus, and we will open the program to more audiences and then to all depending on the demand and its evolution in the following months.

Why are we starting with a focus on mentoring young women?

Because we are two women co-founders of the festival, so we start with what we understand. In an environment where it is still difficult for women to assert themselves and to fit in, we are convinced that entrepreneurship and changing women’s behaviors are the keys to their achievement . With the support of our partners, and our mentors, they will be able to build their own success.. The festival has been for us an engine of empowerment, learning and insertion in the film industry.

Do you want to become a mentor ?