Palm Beach Edition

In partnership with L’alliance Francophone de Palm Beach and The Lake Worth Playhouse, the Festival du Film Merveilleux will screen, for the first time on the other side of the Atlantic, a selection of its films in competition since 2010, in Florida, on February 21st.

Raging ball directed by Nicolas Duval

Durée : 10 minutes
Production : Padma Production
Country : France
Synopsis : A secret room at the bottom of a gambling den. The final of an underground table football tournament. Two gladiators in the arena: Noodle and La Bestia. Crazy balls, unusual playing techniques. No rules. Only one winner.

Second seuil directed by Loïc Nicoloff

Durée : 19 minutes 14

Production : Tita production et Zoïc production

Country: France

Synopsis: Not agreeing to make the mourning of his past life, Pierre fails in a worlda t the border of ours, chased by a dumb man with a blissful smile of which he does not succeed in loosing

Lila de Carlos Lascano

Durée : 9 minutes

Production : Carlos Lascano

Country : Spain

Synopsis  : Lila is a dreamy girl who can’t resign to accept reality as flat as she perceives it, hence she uses her imagination and her skills to modify it.

A shadow of blue de Carlos Lascano

Durée : 12 minutes 07

Production : Les films du Cygne, Animation

Country: France / Spain

Synopsis : A touching story in which fantasy and reality merge to  make dreams come true. How determing can reality be, and how can fantasy unleash an unexpected freedom? Can a fragile world of lights and shadows show us more than a silhouette drawn against the sunlight?

L’héritage De Michael Terraz

Durée: 22 minutes 48

Production: Black Rabbit Film

Country: France

Synopsis anglais: Augustin Boisvert, painter and widower, and his two daughters, inherit a mysterious house. During the first visit, the old guard frightens them as much as the frescoes which recover the walls. Forced to spend the night there, Augustin watches over his sleeping daughters and draws Camille’s face before falling asleep. The next day, Camille has disappeared and also the drawing. A young woman then makes her appearance.