The third edition of the Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire took place from June 28 to 30, 2012 at Théâtre Douze, 6
avenue Maurice Ravel 75012 PARIS.

The jury composed this year of Jicey Carina ( actor ) Jennifer Moret ( actress, radio host ) Sylvie Dimet ( director
of the Festival of Animated Film Croq ‘Anime de Paris ) Melissa Mars ( actress and singer ) and Zachary James Miller (
director and American independent producer) gave the following awards:

BEST FILM : Second seuil (Second threshold ) directed by Loïc Nicoloff
2010 – FRANCE – 19 minutes 24 – Tita productions
Not accepting to mourn his past life, Pierre fails in a world at the edge of ours, followed by a mute man with a blissful smile
a mute man with a blissful smile that he can’t get rid of.

BEST ANIMATED FILM : A shadow of blue by Carlos Lascano
2011 – FRANCE SPAIN – 13 minutes – Dreamlife Studio, Les Films du Cygne
One autumn evening, in a park located in the middle of a dull city. In a fragile world composed of light and shadow between
reality and the imaginary, a little girl sitting on a bench shares with us several visions of the same reality.

BEST SCENARIO : Demain c’est la fin du monde ( Tomorrow is the end of the world) by Quentin Reynaud and Arthur Delaire
2011 – FRANCE – 12 minutes 02 – magali films
Outside, chaos reigns. Frank, a radio host, decides to continue broadcasting, no matter what, until the last moment. At the end of the airwaves, listeners listen to Frank, a reassuring voice in the midst of the tumult. The hours pass, the tension rises, the end of the world approaches, inexorably. It is time. Frank looks out the window. A great crash resounds.

MUSICAL FAVORITE : Hasaki ya suda by Cedric Ido
2011 – FRANCE – 24 minutes 30 – DACP films
2100 and change. Global warming has caused terrible droughts, famines and conflicts.
First victims of these climate changes: the populations of the South, forced to leave their lands and to exile themselves towards the North.. A massive exodus upsets the world order.

SPECIAL PRIZE Pumpkin and Old Lace by Juliette Loubières
2010 – FRANCE CANADA – 9 minutes – JPL Films / NFB / Les Trois Ours
An advertising photographer is forced to look for “a good head of grandpa” in a retirement home for a poster. The
The old residents, who think they are casting a big movie role, quickly catch him off guard: brambles, a giant pumpkin, snow and another brambles, giant pumpkin, snow and other incongruous events invade the house. The photographer will understand little by little that these of fairy tale heroes who have become old…

BEST ACTOR L’enclume (The Anvil) by Thierry Nevez
2011 – FRANCE – 14′ 49″ – Affreux sales et méchants
A little boy, on the evening of his tenth birthday, receives an anvil from his parents and never separates from it again. This
This cumbersome gift makes his life particularly difficult and prevents him from doing what he wants, including approaching the one he loves. the one he loves. But this is a story. And in a story, everyone gets a second chance.

BEST SCENARIO : Flejos y reflejos by Robertos Lopez
2011 – SPAIN – 16 minutes – Scandal Films SL
The truth on the other side of the mirror or the story of Alberto who lost his reflection.

BEST ACTRESS : Fabrica de Munecas by Ainho Menendez Goyoaga
2011 – SPAIN – 11 minutes 02 – Dolls factory
Anna works in a doll factory. Her whole life revolves around the execution of mechanical movements of their
manufacture. But a small change at her job changed her life forever.