TeaTime is a program of films produced in the United Kingdom and/or directed by British directors. The films are selected for the official competition of the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire and are mostly shown at our movies around the world events or at partner festivals.


A Morning Stroll directed by Grant Orchard

Production : Studio AkA

Running time : 6 min

Country : UK

Synospis : When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we are left to wonder which one is the real city slicker.


Grant Orchard is a British animation director and designer who lives and works in London. He is the creator of the CBeebies series Hey Duggee. Based at Studio AKA, he has created many eye-catching spots for a wide range of clients. On 24 January 2012, he was nominated for an Academy Award for the animated short film A Morning Stroll.

He studied animation at the University for the Creative Arts.


Sleepworking by Gavin Williams

Runtime: 15 minutes 54,

Production : Hook pictures

Country of production : United Kingdom

Synopsis : In the near future a young woman becomes a sleepworker : her body is programmed to do menial labour while she is asleep. However, she starts to suffer disturbing side effects and embarks upon a dangerous journey to uncover what sleepworkers are really being made to do while unconscious.


Gavin Williams is an award-winning writer and film maker based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the UK. As a writer he has been commissioned by YTV, Channel 5, and Carlton TV, among others. His début horror feature, AWAIT FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS, stars David Bradley (GAME OF THRONES). It is produced by Shudder films (GOD’S OWN COUNTRY) and Goldfinch Studios. Film sales are being handled by Dark Sky films and the MPI media group.

Gavin also directs. His short film, SLEEPWORKING, won eight awards, and played at sixty international film festivals, including Leeds International Film Festival. Gavin won one of New Writing North’s prestigious Northern Promise Awards and worked on the RTS Award-Winning Alternate Reality Game, “Time Machine”.

He is represented by Mark Casarotto at Casarotto Ramsay & Associates

Gavin founded production company, FEATURE CREEP FILMS with colleague, Mark Lediard. FEATURE CREEP is focused on heightened genre projects – specifically horror and science fiction – for the international market. Our aim is to develop and produce ideas-driven film and television content with a global perspective designed to appeal to wide audiences, yet which retains a distinctive personality informed by our Northern British roots.


Junk directed by Kirk Hendry

Running time : 6 min 30

Production : Th1ng

Country of production : UK

Synopsis : A tale of an obsession with junk food that may prove hard to swallow.


Kirk Hendry is a freelance filmmaker currently developing a feature-length film of War Horse creator Michael Morpurgo’s award-winning book Kensuke’s Kingdom with co-director Neil Boyle (Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Thief and The Cobbler) and producers Sarah Radclyffe (My Beautiful Launderette, Wish You Were Here) and Camilla Deakin (Ethel & Ernest).

Kirk has directed commercial work for the World Wildlife Fund, Ardbeg Whisky, The Guardian newspaper among others and his popular Dancing On Ice ‘Polar Bears’ promos for ITV have both won gold at Promax Europe.

His short film Junk has won numerous awards and been selected at over 150 film festivals worldwide.

Kirk works regularly with acclaimed French director Sylvain Chomet (Les Triplettes de Belleville) as lighting designer and lead compositor including work on his Simpsons Couch Gag, music video for Belgian pop star Stromae and his current film on the life of Marcel Pagnol.

Kirk was born in Dunedin, New Zealand and lives in London, England.


Strange beast de Magali Barbé

Running time: 5’20

Production: Produced by Magali barbé & co produced by Red Knuckles

Country of production: UK

Synopsis: “Strange Beasts” is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own virtual pet. How far can it go?



The nostalgist de Giacomo Cimini

Running time: 17’42

Production: Wonder Room production

Country of production: UK

Synopsis: Ayant brisé ses lunettes, un homme doit laisser son fils seul dans leur appartement hermétiquement fermé, le temps d’aller les faire réparer. Ignorant les instructions de son père, l’enfant le suit et découvre la vérité horrible et violente du monde extérieur.


Giacomo Cimini is a London-based Italian film director, screenwriter, and producer.

He graduated with an MA in filmmaking at the London Film School writing, directing and producing the short film La Città nel Cielo (City in the Sky) that premiered at the 66th Venice Film Festival[2] and achieve international distribution on iTunes.

He is represented in USA by talent agencies CAA[4] and in UK by Casarotto Ramsay & Associates.

In 2012, he founded the production company Wonder Room Productions.

In 2014 he wrote, produced and directed the award winning short film The Nostalgist based on a short story by Daniel H. Wilson.


Jericho by Sarah Andrews

Running time: 1’39

Production: Matt Wight

Country of production: UK

Synopsis: A lonely robot decides to try to build himself a mechanical friend.


Captcha d’Ed Tracy

Durée : 15 minutes

Production : Too Tall Production

Pays de production : UK

Synopsis en anglais In a ‘steam punked’ 1940s London, a long term ‘spike victim’ is injured, his implant failing. The spy who put it there has in the meantime fallen in love for real. She chooses to betray her mission and save her lover, but once he knows the truth about their deception, can he ever forgive her, let alone love her?


No ball game by Richard Pengelley

Runtime: 7 minutes

Production: Irresistible Films

Country of production: United Kingdom

Synopsis: A curious and mischievous child disobeys the rules and plays football against a forbidden wall. The ball bounces into a world where little boys like him are destined to go.


The boy in the oak de Luke Losey

Durée: 4 minutes

Production: Alcove Entertainment

Pays de production: UK

Synopsis anglais : Based on the fairy tale children’s book “The Boy in the Oak” Jessica Albarn. The story is told by Jude Law and original music composed by Damon Albarn (Blur, Gorillaz ao)m the past, resides within the building and they are hunting for new members, stopping at nothing to make you, join them


Beyond horizon by Stefan Wink

Running time: 12’46

Production: Northem Film School

Country of production: UK

Synopsis: In search of the independence of adulthood, the young girl Alex discovers a miniature model city with sinister powers. A new reality presents itself. Can Alex escape or will she be will she be trapped forever among the featureless faces of the city’s plastic people? Beyond Horizon is a visually arresting story of magical realism that will draw t


Eva Legacy de Simon Frith

Running time : 10 minutes


Pays de production : UK

Synopsis anglais : When Eva decides to leave her family home to a children’s charity, a local news crew visit her to film a good news story. As the interview progresses, a dark secret from Eva’s past threatens to cast a shadow on her act of kindness. Eva’s Legacy is a character driven drama with the elements of a classic ghost story running through it.


Waiting for Gorgo de Benjamin Craig, Cinemagine, 13mme