Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision and mission is to inspire, educate, and empower the next generation of filmmakers.

What our Vision and mission ? We believe that films and visual storytelling are powerful tools and medium that can create positive change in the world. By empowering young creatives now, we aim to ignite a new generation of creative leaders and filmmakers. We offer our audience a space to meet and exchange around the universal themes of tales, legends, and the stories that bring us together.

The festival is also a declaration of love to the short format and fantasy movies. The short film as a medium can make the audience dream, the filmmaker test special effects or to create a “Minimum Valuable Product” to finance their Feature Film. We like to help our filmmakers take their first step in the industry by giving them a little nudge, whether it’s connecting them with people who matter or helping them develop the key skills for success.

We select a limited number of films voluntarily and with high standards, so that once the festival is over, we can continue to accompany young professionals who wish to do so in their cinematographic adventures. We also program feature films and documentaries out of competition for the children’s programs.

Festival Du Film Merveilleux 2011, Theatre Douze

In a few words, the festival is a declaration of love to filmmakers and creative leaders.

With our activities, we ensure the empowerment of young creative by strengthening theirs freedom and their capacity to undertake. To do so, we deploy several programs tending towards the same objective: to accompany young professional in the achievement of their projects, to allow them to reach their full potential and to give them all the keys to empower themselves through their entrepreneurship venture.

The Festival du Film Merveilleux is not only a film festival, it is also a unique community of creatives leaders from around the world and partners from all industries. By joining the mentoring program and community, you will join a select group of extraordinary people and gain access to some of the best advices in each field.

To our audience, whether professional or not, we are committed to offering a space of conviviality to share unforgettable moments, to live collectively the emotions and to celebrate together the love of the cinema. The festival encourages the audience to discover high quality professional short films and at the same time invites families to spend more time in the cinema.

Festival du film Merveilleux 2022 – Christine Cinéma Club

A special attention to the world and its treasures

The Festival du Film Merveilleux helps rediscover our planet’s different cultures through the wonder. It promotes the world’s cultural and artistic varieties in a fun and magical way! The festival inspires the little one and grown up to enjoy movies, sciences, tech, and grow ecological awarness through specifics workshops, documentaries and features movies screening.

Since its inception in 2010, the team has been committed to bringing an educational touch to the festival for the young and old alike. We encourage small gestures for the planet, we make our audience aware of the environment through films and committed speakers. Thanks to our partners, we invite you to come and share with us this beautiful adventure of cinema and the world together.

Festival du Film Merveilleux 2010 : Our first Edition – E-dune, Péniche Cinéma, Café de la mer à Boire