The sixth edition of the Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire took place from July 2 to 4, 2015 at Théâtre Douze, 6
avenue Maurice Ravel 75012 PARIS. Cloud 21 awarded one prize and the student prize was awarded by Amélie Rochette.

The jury of the Festival du Film Merveilleux 2015 composed of Cynthia Landon, Christine Mazereau, Rhonda Richford, Liam Engle, Carlos Lascano, Raphaël Nominé, has rewarded the following films

BEST FILM : Artificio Conceal by Ayoub Qanir
2014 – USA – 18 minutes – Transient Films
The story of a man who wakes up in an Interpol interrogation room to find that his mind has been “hacked”, his replaced and his identity lost.

BEST ANIMATION FILM : La lune et le loup (Moon and the Wolf ) by Tomas Leroux and Patrick Delage
2014 – FRANCE – 13 minutes 25 – LELL Animation and Dwarf Labs
At night, a sleeping city, a deserted kitchen, a microwave that turns, a bottle that heats up and the babbling of a baby who
hungry. Who will feed him?

BEST SCENARIO : Captcha by Edward Tracy
2014 – UK – 15 minutes – Too Tall Production
London, the 1940s, a lowly government scientist has been unwittingly blown up with an experiment (an implant of love). His implant fails, but the spy who falls in love with her actually does. Will she betray her mission and save her lover? And if he knew the truth, could he ever forgive her?

MUSICAL COUP DE COEUR : Moles by Léo Verrier
2014 – FRANCE – 8 minutes 45 – Chez Eddy
A group of gangsters is pursued after stealing a fabulous treasure. As they go deeper and further into a mysterious mysterious forest, they gradually become legendary figures…

SPECIAL AWARD : Musical Career by Zahra Mohammadi and Story by Sheil Sylverstein
2014 – IRAN – 3 minutes 26- Auto Production
This is the story of a little girl imagining and trying to play a piano.

SPECIAL MENTION : Tales of Momentum and Inertia by Kirk Kelley
2014 – USA – 1 minute 10
A Tale of Momentum & Inertia is a short animation where a stone giant piles rocks on top of a mountain… and one of them will start to roll. and one of them will start rolling towards a castle below.

CLOUD 21 AWARD : Sundays by Misha Rozema
2015 – Mexico and the Netherlands – 14 minutes 59
The end of the world feels like a nightmare for Ben. The memory of a past life that doesn’t belong to him. When Ben starts
to remember Isabelle, the only love he has ever known, he realizes that she is missing from his life. An existential descent
existential descent into confusion and the desperate need to discover the truth begins for him. This reality depicts a world
surprising and dark world. A world that is clearly not his own. Sundays is a short film directed by Mischa Rozema and produced by Post-Panic Images.

STUDENT AWARD True Skin by Stefan Zlotescu
2012 – 6 minutes 12 – N10N Production
In the near future, a young man buys on the black market the prototype of a highly coveted chip