The Official Poster of the 12th Festival du Film Merveilleux.

Credit photo ©  Joshua Woroniecki

This year for our Official Poster of the 12th Festival du Film Merveilleux. we chose a photo from Joshua Woroniecki for its strong symbolism and its perfect association to our period of return to the cinema. From Wednesday, 21 to Friday, 23 the Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire will hold its 12th Edition. Discover its official poster.

A pot and string lights, fireflies illuminating a soft starry night like a lamp that represents a point of light in the darkness. An image that represents the cinema projector revealing to the spectator the images through the light.

By analogy, the lantern symbolises the understanding in the mental confusion, or the revelation of a buried or hidden knowledge. Moreover, the expression “To light one’s lantern”, which means to clarify something, expresses well this notion of revealed knowledge. Fireflies represents enchantment, hope, and again light in the darkness

So yes, stories and movies become reassuring landmarks in a chaotic world. They help us escape, dream and feed our understanding of the world. They offer us the poetry we need and the festival invites you this year to escape, to travel and to discover new talents.

You can check our programmation right here

See you soon.

Credit photo © Joshua Woroniecki – Graphic Design © Jessica Bianconi
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