The 13th annual Festival du Film Merveilleux concludes tonight with an awards ceremony recognizing the most imaginative and enchanting films of the festival.

Leading the esteemed jury is longtime industry veteran Jean François Camilleri. Camilleri’s extensive career includes leadership roles at Walt Disney Company and other major studios. Joining him on the jury are actor Xavier Laurent, screenwriter Guillaume Levil, actress-director Magdalena Korpas, and futurist Kaze A. Onguene. Together, they will bestow awards for Best Movie, Best Animated Movie, Best Music, Best VFX, Best Screenplay, and the Jury Prize.

The closing night event caps off days of cinematic magic. A few highlights include Kafka’s Doll, an imaginative animated fable, and Opulence, about a cartoonist whose drawings come to life. Other standouts used innovation and vision to tell stories about humanity’s relationship to nature, technology, dreams, and emotions.

Festivalgoers can look forward to seeing which of these imaginative shorts rise above the competition tonight. As the lights come up after the last screening, the winners will be cemented in the festival’s history. But the most important prize is the inspiration, wonder, and magic gifted to audiences.

The 13th Festival du Film Merveilleux concludes tonight, but its spell will continue to linger until next year. Film fans anticipating the next round of cinematic sorcery don’t have long to wait to be re-enchanted.

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