In 2023, the 13th Festival du Film Merveilleux is graced with the esteemed Jean-François Camilleri as the President of the Jury. With a rich background in the movie industry, including a long stint at The Walt Disney Company, and currently serving as the President of Echo Studio and founder and associate of Pathé-Africa, Camilleri brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the festival. We’re incredibly honored to have him leading the jury. Joining him are eminent personalities like Xavier Laurent (international actor), Victoria Zadorska (Independent Ukrainian writer, director, and filmmaker), Guillaume Levil (screenwriter and film director), Magdalena Korpas (artist, actress, model, and film director), and Kaze A. Onguene (futurist and tech-entrepreneur) and Olfa Benarezki ( Centre national de la recherche scientifique).

This year’s Festival celebrated films that beautifully meld storytelling, creativity, and technical prowess. With more details available about the winners’ synopsis and credits, we delve deeper into these exceptional films that have set new standards in filmmaking.

Best Animated Film: “Slipping Away (L’air de rien)” by Gabriel Hénot-Lefèvre

Synopsis: Set in a sanatorium by the sea, an elderly man’s life transforms when he befriends a wounded seagull.

Best Live-Action and Youth Award: “Enfin de compte (Fairy Tale)” by Zoé Arène

Synopsis: Juan, an aspiring filmmaker, questions his documentary about Coco, a woman who believes she is a fairy.

Best Screenplay: “Home of the Heart (À cœur ouvert)” by Sarah Saidan

Synopsis: Omid, an Iranian immigrant in France, discovers he has no heart after surviving a stabbing. The story ponders whether he left his heart in Iran.

Best Special Effects: “Mental Soirée” by Alberto Arellano

Synopsis: The film portrays the meeting of two shipwrecked souls guided by a manual for telepathy.

Best Music: “Bad Seed (Mauvaise graine)” by Nadège Herrygers

Synopsis: Sadia is caught in a mysterious trade by her friend Arthur, who then faces a choice.


The 2023 Festival du Film Merveilleux has once again showcased the pinnacle of artistic and narrative excellence. These films not only captivated audiences but also stood as a testament to the incredible talent of the directors, writers, and the entire creative teams. Our heartfelt congratulations go to all the artists for their remarkable contributions to the world of cinema.