Magdalena Korpas, come and meet one of the jury of the 13th edition of the Festival du film Merveilleux.

Magdalena Korpas is an international artist, actress, model and director. She lives in Europe and works between UK, France and Poland.

She began her journey as an actress by holding a Master’s degree from Sorbonne Paris III Theater and by following numerous theater classes such as “Le Velo volé” by Francois Ha Van and Shakespeare Acting. Simultaneously, Magdalena started to appear in French television series namely Diane, femme flic and Nicolas le Floch.

She is a versatile actress, able to play on TV, in movies, short films, onstage and in a wide variety of roles. For instance, she played Zorika in Caroline Huppert’s film Pour Djamila. A powerful drama telling the true story of Djamila Boupacha, an Algerian woman arrested, accused of terrorism and tortured by the army in 1960. The film traces her whole journey, until her amnesty two years later. She has also appeared in a number of short films, including Les droits du sang verse by Alexandre Donot, and in theater pieces such as Soleil de Guerre under the direction of Jean Loius Bachelet. In addition, she also made commercial ads for Meetic, Fiat, and Optic2000.

In 2012, Magdalena was the lead actress and co-director, with Dominique Maury Lasmartres, of the short film Soixante-dix. A project, on the theme of the absurd, which was screened at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival. It was during this period that she began directing short films. Her filmography as a director includes short films such as Phenomena, which tells the story of two immigrants, in 1968, one polish and the other mexican who are engaged in a forbidden love story.

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As well as being an actress, Magdalena is an accomplished artist. In 2018, she earned a spot at the Grenland artistic residency in London. She got this place thanks to her project Stigma, an art installation made out of ballistic gel. Playing with the transparency of this material, but also with lights and shadows, as well as shapes.

However, much of Magdalena’s art is devoted to photography. She commenced her career by completing her studies at a photography school in YMCA (Gdynia / Poland) and got passionate about paradoxical human behavior, that consists of leaving the stability and looking for the unknown. (broken relationships, death, long trips with no way back…). Moving from Amsterdam to Paris to Los Angeles, she used her camera to capture these behaviors and what she calls the darkness of the soul. As Magdalena said, she always asks them to express, by their eyes, this dirty grain of the most dark part of their soul: the mutual, dirty and dark secrets that no one will never know…

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We are very happy to have as jury a versatile artist, actress and director like her.

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