We are pleased to announce you the come back of the Festival du film Merveilleux et Imaginaire for its 13th edition.

On the program: Young film directors, with strong universe, beliefs and project. Extraordinary stories and astonishing short films that focus on the themes of magic, fantasy and science fiction. Captivating films that tackle subjects such as environment, new technologies, relationships and our society.

We look forward to seeing you at this magical and unforgettable event.

13th Festival du Film Merveilleux & Imaginaire de Paris

20 – 22 September 2023

Christine Cinema Club4 rue Christine 75006 PARIS

This year, our poster represents an invitation. We invite you to enter this magical and mysterious passage. Its arches of greenery, its ground carpeted with red and pink flowers and its rivers flowing gently towards an endless end. Even if you cannot see the end, the beauty of the path is enough in itself to make the journey. So, like Alice in Wonderland, come and immerse yourself in this universe filled with magic and fantasy.

For us, this poster also represents our ode to nature. A nature that we will not stop highlighting in our festival through short films that show its importance and fragility. The environment has been an important issue for us since the beginning of the festival. For this 13th edition, in view of our principles, films selected and current environmental issues, we want to dedicated it our poster.

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