Meet Tommy Mitram, the master of ceremony who will accompany you throughout our festival.

Tommy is a regular at the festival, and has been coming to help us for the past few years. He began his journey with us as a volunteer. Curious, he was attracted by the originality and themes of the films we were screening. Every year, he comes back to help us, driven by his curiosity about the new films but also about the organisers and the great atmosphere at the festival. This year, he has become our master of ceremonies

Tommy is an actor, voice actor, director and screenwriter. He trained as an actor at « la NEF des acteurs » inside « l’école de la cité » in Paris, a school created by Luc Besson in 2012. It is located at the heart of the Cité du Cinéma, a place where film and television professionals come together on a permanent basis.

After his studies, Tommy tried his hand at many things. He has acted in music videos as well as feature films and shorts. Moreover, you can find him in the short film, Placardés de Magali Perra, telling the absurd story of a small group of characters embroiled, whether willingly or not, in a more or less zany situation. Inside, Tommy plays Baptiste, a funny, endearing character who never fails to use humor to communicate his thoughts.

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Tommy Mitram also enjoys writing screenplays. He’s been writing stories since he was young. Like the festival, these scripts always revolve around the theme of fantasy. He likes science fiction and drama, but also films that raise topical issues. Much of his inspiration comes from film or series such as Black Mirror. At the previous year’s festival, it was Luis Belda’s film La última partida that made the biggest impression on him. A fantastic short film that tells the story of four high school friends, playing a D&D-style fantasy game in a creepy old house. As magical forces cause the game to become real, personal histories are revealed and friendships are tested.

Driven by his passion, Tommy created the association, Galactic Foxes. The aim of an association is to let their art speak for itself, with short films, music covers and lots of other artistic works. With his association, Tommy produced the short film Avec des si, of which he is the scriptwriter and director.

Tommy Mitram is a film buff who will be accompanying you throughout the festival.