Meet Xavier Laurent, one of the jury of the 13th edition of the Festival du film Merveilleux.

Xavier Laurent is a French actor who has enjoyed an international career for the past ten years. He studied at the Cours Florent and at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

He performed in various plays before making his television debut in the French TV series “School of life”(La vie devant nous), which was a big success in France and many other countries.

Xavier has worked since in american blockbusters such as Monuments Men, Rush, Inferno, alongside directors such as Ron Howard, George Clooney and actors such as Matt Damon, Mark Rylance, Ciaran Hinds, Omar Sy, Vanessa Kirby.   He has also appeared in English crime dramas such as Bone in the Throat and comedies such as The Man in the Hat, directed by Oscar winner Stephen Warbeck.

Xavier likes to work on the international market because as he says: “there is always a way to meet very different people and it is sometimes for me as important the way you experience the creation process of the film as the film itself. The travel is for me more important than the destination. “

© Calvin by Camille Tello

Xavier Laurent enjoys as well writing and producing films. “I like to associate all the necessary talents to do the best film possible without forgetting enjoying every unique moment together”. Thus, he wrote or produced tv scripts, short films like “Sunoto life”, starring alongside Claire Nebout, “Under the caravan”, directed by Yohan Ungar. “Calvin”, a fantasy western realised by Camille Tello, starring alongside Marc Duret, “An ordinary love story” directed by Francois Berthier. Xavier’s next project will be uk action comedy “Cabbie”directed by Katrin Magrowitz, and an international feature film set up in India that he wrote with co writer Laure Lochet.

His website: Acteur | Xavier Laurent (