Green Filmmaking Guide ressources

Green Filmmaking Guide is a resource for filmmakers who want to make their movie production more environmentally friendly.


Consider the impact of the story or choose a theme that promotes environmental awareness
Research eco-friendly locations for filming
Use digital storyboards and pre-visualization to minimize waste


Reduce energy consumption on set by using energy-efficient lighting, equipment and appliances
Encourage carpooling or use of public transportation for cast and crew
Use reusable water bottles and containers instead of single-use plastics
Use biodegradable or compostable food service items
Minimize paper usage by going digital with call sheets and schedules


Use digital technologies to minimize physical waste and shipping emissions
Select a post-production company that uses renewable energy sources and implements environmentally-friendly policies
Consider a digital-only release or a limited physical release to reduce waste

Distribution and Marketing:

Use digital marketing and grow green digital skills to learn how to build sustainable digital solutions and learn about the environmental and social impact of digital technology.
Encourage theaters to switch to more energy-efficient lighting and cooling systems
Consider hosting eco-friendly screenings and events


Donate leftover materials to schools and community organizations
Support financially organizations that promote environmental sustainability
Inspire others in the film industry to follow your lead and make their productions more environmentally friendly.

This guide is a starting point for you to make production process more environmentally friendly. It is important for everyone in the film industry to do their part in reducing their carbon footprint and promoting sustainability.

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