Good news, the kid screening of the festival starts again !

2022, The Festival Du Film Merveilleux reinforces its partnership with the Alliances Françaises and resumes its world tour starting with the Alliance Française of Perth in Australia. The Festival will land in Perth October 5th, 2022 to offer to the children two reruns of four films of the festival. The Alliance will screen the following movies at 10am and 2pm :

Aifort Sorcery Academy directed by ZHANG, YI-ZHEN

L’enfant et l’oie directed by Jade CHASTAN, Alice FAILLA, Jérôme GINESTA, Justine HERMETZ, Sophie LAFLEUR, Vincent LENNE

Spoon directed by Arthur Chays

Parapluies directed by José Prats, Álvaro Roblès

About The Alliance française

Created in 1883 in Paris, the Alliance française, a partner of the MEAE ( Ministère de l’Europe et des Affaires étrangères), is today the world’s leading cultural network, with more than 800 establishments in 137 countries on five continents. Each year, more than 500,000 people of all ages come to learn the French language in the Alliances françaises, and more than 6 million people participate in their cultural activities. The network is coordinated by the Fondation Alliance française.

The Alliances françaises have in common the pursuit of three essential missions:

  • to offer French courses, in France and in the world, to all publics;
  • to make French and Francophone cultures better known;
  • to promote cultural diversity.

For more information, the Fondation Alliance française website.

Aifort Sorcery Academy directed by ZHANG, YI-ZHEN

Year : 2021

Runtime : 8:17

Production​ : ZHANG, YI-ZHEN

Country ​: TAIWAN

Synopsis :​ It’s  the story of a young girl who enters the dreaming magic academy, but finds that the courses are not her favorite, and then strives to achieve her goals alone.

Credit : ZHANG, YI-ZHEN Director, ZHANG, YI-ZHENWriter, KANG, XIN-YIWriter, HE, JIA-YIWriter, XU, MENG-LIN Writer, CAI, YI-CHENG Writer, ZHANG, YI-ZHEN Producer, ZHANG, YI-ZHENAnimation, KANG, XIN-YI Animation. HE, JIA-YI Animation, CAI, YI-CHENG Animation, ZHANG, YI-ZHEN Editor, LIN, YU-YI Music

L’enfant et l’oie directed by Jade CHASTAN, Alice FAILLA, Jérôme GINESTA, Justine HERMETZ, Sophie LAFLEUR, Vincent LENNE

Year : 2021

Runtime​ : 7’52

Production​ : Ecole des Nouvelles Images

Country :  FRANCE

Synopsis :​ In a remote countryside, a small child, fascinated by the sky, meets a goose in search of freedom, and flies away with it. Living a daydream, their journey turns sour when they find themselves stranded on the rooftops of a city.

Credits : Animation: Alice FAILLA ; Jérôme GINESTA ; Justine HERMETZ. Script: Alice FAILLA ; Vincent LENNE. Set: Jade CHASTAN ; Vincent LENNE. Image: Jade CHASTAN ; Sophie LAFLEUR ; Vincent LENN, special effects: Jade CHASTAN ; Justine HERMETZ ; Vincent LENNE ; Alice FAILLA. Film editor: Alice FAILLA ; Vincent LENNE. Rendering: Jade CHASTAN ; Vincent LENNE. Sound engineer: Justine HERMETZ ; Vincent LENNE. Sound editor: Justine HERMETZ ; Sophie LAFLEUR ; Vincent LENNE ; Jérôme GINESTA. Mix: Pierre-François RENOUF. Soundtrack: Hassan ALI

Spoon directed by Arthur Chays

Year: 2022

Runtime​ : 3’

Production​ : Intrepide Productions

Country ​: FRANCE

Synopsis :​ To escape from everyday life, it’s very simple: you need motivation, a ladder and a spoon. But is it really that easy ? 

Credits : Arthur Chays Director. Arthur Chays Writer. Elisabeth Martin Producer. Chloe Goyard Key Cast. Maxime Plaisantin Key Cast. Marie Laroche Music. Marco Pascal Sound design.

Parapluies directed by José Prats, Álvaro Roblès

Year : 2020

Runtime :​ 12’

Production :​ Moukda Production, Bigaro Film

Country :​ SPAIN – FRANCE

Synopsis :​ In a remote village where it rains incessantly, Kyna, 6 years old, spends her days playing carefree, well sheltered under the “umbrella-bar” of Din, her father. One night Nana, her beloved dog, disappears. To find her, Kyna must face her greatest fear, the rain. 

Credits : Script Jose Prats, Alvaro Robles, Alicia Canovas, Jesus Lopez. Editing Jose Prats, Alvaro Robles. Graphic design, Sets Jose Prats. Animation director Thierry Torres. Animation development director Jose Antonio Cerro. Animation Laura Soret, Marta de Paz, Manuel Galiana, Laura Cobo, Josep Bano, Carmen Cambrils, Javier Ferrer, Cristina Calles, Liuxander Ricardo Da Silva, Rohan Deshchougule, Pauline Champetier, María Torregrosa, Marta Martín, Orlando Díaz, Marcel Carralero, Theo Boubounelle, Thijs Koole, Mihaela Buzgan. Special effects Martin Uyttebroeck, Pierre Grillere. Music Pablo Mirete. Voice cast Alejandro Garrido Martinez, Celia Lopera Gonzales. Producers Diana Hentulescu, Keota Dengmanara, Ramon Alos